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A loving father with a military background gets to see his family murdered in cold blood, and proceeds to dispense deadly justice to those deserving of it... Hmm... Kinda reminds you of someone, doesn't it?

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A loving father with a military background sees his family murdered in cold blood, and proceeds to dispense lethal justice to those deserving it... Hmm... Kinda reminds you of someone, doesn't it?

Well, this mod adds a glossy black non-replacer retexture of Father's outfit, with a bit more defense than the final form of the Silver Shroud outfit, a sizable bonus to stealth (about the same as the first two levels of the sneak perk), and a skull on the chest. The outfit uses 4k (Ultra HD) textures.

You can remove the skull logo at any armor station, if you don't like it, and it costs nothing to do so.

The outfit gives a +1 to Agility and Perception. It does not have a legendary effect on it, but it is flagged so you CAN add your own legendary effect, if you have a mod that lets you add legendary effects. Or if you know your way with the console. It will not replace the built-in bonus, but be in addition to that.

The outfit and especially the "sweater" are already made of the super-strong fibres perfected by Melvin Potter in New York before the war, and used quite successfully by such notable figures as Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, hence its defense rating. But you can add the Railroad ballistic fibre underlay too if you want to. Or not, if you think it makes the game too easy.

You can also add torso linings to the outfit. I really wanted to be able to add asbestos lining, since I can't see anything when on fire, hence adding lining capability. But other linings are available too, if they fit your style more.

You can equip pieces of armour on top of it too, but it will have clipping issues unless you use a mod that lets you hide those armour pieces.

If you want to check that you actually have the stealth perk, just wear the outfit and look for the "Punishing Ghost" perk in your perk list on the PipBoy. There is no NEED to check, since there are no known issues with the script. But I left it not hidden, for peace of mind, in case you're paranoid.

It is compatible with companions, and really any human or ghoul NPCs, in that they too will get the stealth bonus if you make them equip it. So if you want to make a companion get detected slightly less often, you can use the coat for that purpose too.

Made with the Creation Kit and FO4Edit, if you care about that kinda thing.


The mod doesn't include a mesh. It will just put its texture on top of whatever mesh of the Father labcoat you may have in the game. So if you have the Father outfit converted to CBBE or Atomic Beauty whatever body mod you use, it will automatically be used by this outfit too. If not, not.

So basically don't bother asking ME for a CBBE version. It already works with any body shape. I don't include a mesh, and the textures should be compatible with any body conversion as is. There's nothing for ME to do there.


- If upgrading from 1.0 or 1.01, existing coats will show a "Barrel" mod slot at the armor bench. New ones will show "Skull Logo". Both work just the same, and it's the same slot, just the name at the bench for old ones is funny.

- The skull logo was designed for a vanilla body, and the screenshots are taken with a vanilla body. Depending on how Body Studio deforms the mesh for other bodies, the logo may look worse on a woman than in the screenshots.

- The "sweater" part looks kinda polygonal in the right light. Not sure how to fix that, short of reverting to the original knitted texture. It would need me to reconstruct a normal map for it and somehow compensate for Beth's somewhat abrupt changes in texture stretching. You can think it reflects the shape of the armour plates under it, if that helps.

- You can equip pieces of armour on top of it, but it will have clipping issues unless you use a mod that lets you hide those armour pieces.

- Between that and the ballistic underlay, it can add up to enough armour to severely reduce the challenge of the game. And piling up shadowed and muffled pieces on top of the built-in stealth can make sneaking a bit TOO easy. But, hey, it's optional. You have to actively go and do that, for any of that to happen. So if you want more challenge, don't put extra armour on top of it.


In a black suitcase in the hold of the Skylines Flight 1981 crash, east of Tenpines Bluff, together with a note explaining why was the Punisher coming to Boston. You can't miss it, really, since it will be the only black suitcase.

If you need more coats, it's been added to prewar lists, so just about any place that can have prewar clothes, has a chance to have this one. Vendors, boss trunks, wardrobes, suitcases, etc, can have it. Or not. It's not exactly unique or even rare, but it IS random, so there's no guarantee that it will be in any particular place. Seek and ye shall find. Eventually.

Or, if/when you REALLY can't be bothered to search for it, you can just pull down the console and type "help punisher 0 armo" (without the quotes) and then use that id for player.additem, just like with any other item.


Preferably with NMM. At this point it's easier than by hand.


With NMM.


None. Unless someone happens to have picked exactly the same names and locations for the textures or scripts, it shouldn't conflict with anything.


I release it in the public domain. Do with it whatever you wish. I'm not going to hound anyone for editing the same records, or anything.


    First release
    Tweaked the specular map (glossiness) of the "sweater". Hopefully better 3d effect up close.
    Increased the chance of it spawning at vendors
    Very slightly increased the chance of it spawning in suitcases and trunks

    Added the suitcase, so you have a guaranteed place to find it
    Skull logo can now be added or removed at any armor workbench. No more need for other files.