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A modular clothing mod using a modified version of Sturges' overalls.

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...Or rather one, finitely yet vastly modifiable, pair of overalls. This mod was a sort of proof of concept for me to see first whether I could make working custom clothing without 3DS Max (and you can) and whether I could figure out how to make a single outfit which can change elements of its mesh at the armour workbench (you can).
This mod contains mesh files which are segregated between "tops" and "bottoms" so that only one .nif is necessary for each part, rather than for each whole outfit. This means the mod is not only smaller data-wise, but has the potential to sprout other mix-and-match style outfits.

The Outfits:

Because you can mix and match meshes and recolours, there are 88 possible combinations of overalls.
- 5 shirt meshes
- 2 overall meshes
- 1 satchel mesh
- 5 overalls colours
- 10 shirt recolours
- 1 satchel recolour

Buildable at the AWKCR workbench under Outfits - Rugged or you can console add with player.additem xx000805 (xx = load order #)

Most of the pictures are of the female versions, but it is a unisex outfit with only slight differences in the male versions.

Change Log:

- original mod version

- fixed tags bug
- made 1st person arms visible (oops :P)
- separated tops and bottoms into two mod categories

1.0b CBBE:
- basic CBBE body for female versions
- includes shape data and slider sets for conversion to presets
- adjusted so there should be no clipping even with more extreme body types

- fixed keywords to work with vanilla AWKCR
- added utility satchel
- added paint splatter textures

- fixed lost ability to change pant length

1.1 CBBE
- same as normal 1.1
- removed minor clipping for long-sleaved shirts

1.1b CBBE
- added missing assets to archive

Future Goals:

Goal #1: Tinkerer's Armour
Right now, the outfit only really works with right and left arm armour so I would like to make some leather style armour pieces which are made to fit over the overalls properly. The legs and arms would have two versions, one for tighter clothes like the short overalls and tank top, and one for looser clothes like the plaid shirts. I am going to use the tool belt as a base and hopefully have more tools (or weapons?) in the pouches.

For Bodyslide Conversions:

If you are using the CBBE version to convert to your own Bodyslide preset, you will have to replace the BSClothExtraDataNode in each of the overall bottoms .nifs. This is what gives the tool belt physics. Unfortunately, Bodyslide seems to not export it when you build from a preset. It is located in MR_ExtraStringData.nif with the other CBBE .nifs.

Here is the process:
Right click on node > block > copy branch > right click on 0 node of overalls > branch > paste branch > right click anywhere > sanitize > reorder blocks

jonwd7's Bethesda Archive Extractor:
Ousnius' Material Editor:
Bethesda Creation Kit:
Outfit Studio:

And to my lovely co-authors at CREAtive Clutter for bearing with me while I went AWOL for a week making this mod :P Love Ya! :D
Check us out!!

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