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Adds Damage Treshold, fire, cryo and poison resistance to power armors, rebalances PA durability and fusion core drain.

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this is how i made the mod, so you can do your changes by yourself


-Added DT to all power armors, shitty power armors will have smaller DT ( it means that small hits will have almost no effect on you, if you got 20 DT and you get hit with a 25 damage bullet, only 5 damage will pass through. Than it will be applied the normal damage resistance DR.
-Added fire reisistance to all power armors
-Added poison resistance to all power armors
-Added cryo reistance to all power armors, these 3 function like energy resitance, but are specific to these 3 kind of damage.
-Increased HP health of all power armors for more durability, example t45 chest piece used to have 200 HP, now has 800
-Decreased power armor consumption rate from 1.0 to 0.4: your armor will lose less HP per shot recieved now.
-Fusion Cores will last longer
-Rebalanced a little bit armors in order to make more sense. (x02 better than x01, raider overboss pile of rust not better than t-51 and so on)

 http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/7573/? Damage Threshold by Talkie Toaster 

nuka world, automatron, Workshop02, far harbor.

Suggested, but not required: Raider Overhaul WIP.


(included in main download)
-Enclave X-02
-T-49 Storyteller power armor
-Submersible Power Armor
-T-51c Airforce Power Armor

(separate file)
-Tesla X-01 full suit by capitan ultima
-Spartan power armor 
-War machine power armor
-The Network power armor
-Enclave x-03 hellfire
-Vault tech power armor
-Tribal Power Armor
-Midwestern Power armor


simply activate the esps you need. if you got the enclave x02 armor mod, you just need to delete your esp and activate mine instead, it contains the base one with all the changes needed. Warning: only activating the esp will not provide you the armor if you do not have the original mod. First of all you have to download the mod from the original link, than just replace the esp.

pro suggestion: if you miss some of the required files and you don't give a shit, just create an empty .esp or .esm file and RENAME IT IN WHAT IS REQUIRED. this way the game will think you got a file that you don't have, but it will not cause any issues in this situation, cause the armor in question simply does not exist in your game. example: you miss the contraptions workshop? just add in your data folder an empty file with this name: DLCworkshop02.esm)


the puppet of your PA in your HUD display may show broken or missing pieces even when your armor is ok: don't worry, your armor is still functioning as intended, it is only a minor visual bug that i think is related to the DT original mod.