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My Day 1 character previously released as a savegame, now as a LooksMenu preset

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Hi all,


Wanted to release my character preset now that I am using the Looksmenu mod. This is the same character I have been playing with since FO4 release, which I previously uploaded a save game for. Now you can have her anytime you want :) 

I've designed her to be really good looking obviously (lol), but also to be taken seriously. She has the adamant look about her, the one you'd expect from a mother who's kid has just been taken. She has an awkward kind of smile that borders on giving her a shy/timid nature (this is courtesy of Bethesda Softworks, I just noticed it during cut scenes/dialogue, I had no hand in how that worked out lmao) so that should please the... well, fantasy crowd. Lastly, I consider this to be the "rougher" preset of her, as this is my original vanilla preset. I have since made some more modifications, having updated the eyes, jaw and removed the feint skin damage effects from her face (there are some if you look on the sliders, I was gunning for a very slightly damaged appearance, but they are pretty much obsolete with the Valkyr face texture) but I've left it as is but I may upload my newer one later. 

Now you'll have to forgive me, I'm no screen-archer, but feel free to upload your own shots if you please. Shots provided should give you a good enough picture, lol. I added some old shots I found in my Steam folder, just for fun. Ignore the menus/HUD on those ones :)

Mods used here are Looksmenu and F4SE (Obviously), Azar Ponytails (I think it was Ponytail 18) and face textures is from Valkyr Face & Body textures. I use the Eyes of Beauty mod, but Trinity has default blue eyes.  Modded Curie you see depicted (as a Synth) is from FOFW mod, with all optionals installed. (I will add links to the mods mentioned on this page tomorrow when I have time)

Post a comment if you feel the need, otherwise enjoy :)