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Adds 5 damage modifiers to the minigun ranging from +60% to +400% damage. Craft them at any weapon workbench at no cost.

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Ever feel like the minigun just doesn't melt through enemies like it should? You would think that a weapon that spits out that much lead would turn a Super Mutant Behemoth into a chunky pile of viscera. Maybe you want some options instead of just a flat buff.

This mod adds 6 minigun modifications to the weapon workbench under a new section called "Damage Modifiers":
  • Vanilla - Great against radroaches... or molerats maybe. Vanilla is Super Mutant's favorite flavor. 
  • +60% - A slight buff for those who like piling up brass
  • +100% - (Recommended) Cut killing time in half! Double the damage for double the bodies. 
  • +200% - This is for those who like watching a Mirelurk Queen's health melt away. 
  • +300% - You've killed the Mirelurk Queens and turned the Behemoths into piles of bloody parts. Time for some fun.
  • +400% - Non-stop warfare. Turn on the Sodom. Level the Commonwealth. 

Go to any weapon workbench and you will see a new mod type for your minigun: Damage Modifier. They cost nothing and can be reset at any time by selecting the Vanilla level.

(PC Only) Manual Installation:
  • Extract and drag and drop MinigunDamageModif into your Fallout 4\data folder.

This mod should play nice with all other mods but I would not recommend stacking minigun buff mods. Or do, if you like that kind of thing. Im not your mother. So long as the other mod does not create the exact same Editor IDs (which is highly unlikely), I don't foresee any issues. 

I appreciate feedback. If you feel the modifiers are too powerful or not powerful enough, let me know, I don't mind. It took longer to type this description than it took to make the mod. I wont remove any of the modifiers but I will be glad to add any reasonable amount.

Tools used:
  • Creation Kit