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Randomizes a few otherwise predictable aspects of the main story missions

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Know the password to the super-secret underground’s headquarters is “RAILROAD”?
Planning on skipping talking to Mother Isolde because you know exactly where Virgil’s cave is?

Well not anymore!

Shuffling the railroad password to be any of 686 possibilities and moving the entrance to Vigil’s lab to one of 6 different possible locations in the Glowing Sea, once installed and then every time you start a new game, the Fallout 4 randomizer makes each play through different.  
Also introducing a mild variant of the Wild Wasteland trait, this mod adds two Easter eggs to the game that can make things interesting, to say the least, depending on what you choose to do them once found. Leaving them alone will correspondingly change nothing other than the randomized location of Virgil’s lab and the Railroad password.
Of note is that to keep things interesting, only one of the markers for Virgil’s lab has been hidden, and the other 5 are still present, which means that all but one of the locations will give you an indicator mark, for finding Vigil, as the 6th is extra well hidden. Potentially all of them will lead you nowhere except an empty wall. Thus you must consult the map Vigil leaves for you and evenly you will find the entrance to his lab.
If you have suggestions for new ways toRandomize FO4, when I get a chance to expand the mod, leave a comment with tag #RandomizeFO4 so I can find easier.

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