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  1. FX0x01
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    Thanks to all.
    Share your screenshots and videos.

    Or just click on it.

    FAQ and stuff:
    - Q: Conflict? Mod overwrite the 'PersistantSubgraphInfoAndOffsetData.txt'
    - A: Replace or skip this file

    - Q: Gun is invisible
    - A: Make sure you did this: Fallout 4 Mod Installation

    - Q: What armor mod used on screenshots?
    - A: Riley Kheale Operator Loadout, NCR Overhaul

    - Q: What gloves mod used on screenshots?
    - A: Gloves from Shiny Haxorus

    - Q: What ENB and weather mod you use?
    - A: NAC and Film Workshop

    - Q: What's next?
    - A: Nothing

    - Q: Where to find?
    - A: Craft/Buy/Find

    9x39 Project Worn Textures: (by OunceStripes)
    Visible Weapons Patch: (by ngabber)
    New Caliber Patch: (by BrowncoatGarrus)
    Visual Reload Compatibility Patch: (by a_blind_man)

    Extreme Particles Overhaul: (by MaxG3D)
    Spitfire (Enhanced Muzzle FX): (by ModClub)

  2. reshoota
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    Cool weapons bro, thank you!

    Sadly, I have an issue with the ammunition..
    I have around 1000 9x39 rounds, but when I equip any of the 2 weapons, it says "Missing required ammo".
    I crafted the ammo at the chem station and it doesn't work with those, but it was working with the default 6 rounds I got with the weapons. so I really have no clue what's going on.
    Apparently, I found out that there are 2 9x39 type ammo, one is called 9x39mm, and the other (the one that's craftable at the chem station) is called 9x39 Round, but the weapon doesn't seem to work with the 9x39 Round.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: NVM, I solved it.
  3. printerkop
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    The gun model itself is very good, shame the first person implementation isn't done very well.
    The hand under the barrel is too twisted, it looks pretty bad.

    Also, the standard barrel has a firerate of 100 giving the weapon a DPS of 800 with 80 DMG,
    while the powerful receiver has a firerate of 20 with 123 DMG giving the gun a DPS of 240, that is rather silly..
    Firerate on all other receivers is 20, making the gun totally useless at higher levels, only useful with a standard barrel.

    Shame, cause if those things where OK it would have been a superb weapon.
    Weird thing is, although many modders have 3D models and far better textures then vanilla guns,
    i haven't come across a single modded weapon that was implemented correctly, they all have weird animations or
    weird hand positions or something wrong with the mods or damage settings, i tried most of them,
    haven't found one yet that worked OK and looked badass at the same time.

    So i always uninstall them after a while and keep using vanilla guns.
    1. V1K1N9
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      dude! Your terrain texture mod was awesome, I wish you hadn't taken it down :'(
  4. zorak912
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    I see many enemies with 9x39 ammo loot but none with the weapon, they have ammunition and weapons vanilla too. Will it be a levled list conflict?
  5. dninemfive
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    Two questions:

    1. Are the VSS and AS VAL separate weapons, or is the stock just a weapon mod?

    2. Is there an unsuppressed forend, like on the SR-3 Vikhr?
  6. KarWolf
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    The model is extremely well done, as are the animations. The sounds are great, and it feels good to handle both the VSS and AS VAL. I have been looking for a long time for a top notch VSS mod, and thanks to you, I've finally found it. The only thing I'd like to see from this mod is a See-Through PSO-1 scope, using the See-Through Combat Scopes mod (I believe that's the name) Is there any chance of you collaborating with that modder and mod to add support for your mod?
    1. benbarker2
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      second this
  7. j0hn27
    • member
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    Weird but i'm getting two(2) 9x39mm bullets, one for AS VAL(no tags/icons) and the other one for VSS. I have the new calibers patch on.
  8. cetmin
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    собсна не буду утруждать себя английским, так вот: когда стреляешь одиночными с ВАЛа ствол трясет так, будто патрона три вылетает практически одновременно, т.е. нет ощущения, что был одиночный выстрел да и при длинных очередях это тоже заметно, что немного вызывает дискомфорт от такой "скачки". что это? баг или фича? ну а еще пушки лутаются с некоторых именных, при этом не легендарных, мобов и появляются в продаже задолго до 30 уровня. а иногда мобы не реагируют на выстрелы, словно звука от выстрела для них вовсе не существует, даже если стрелять у них над ухом.
  9. lifeinabottle
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    Animations not working for me. I'm just getting the default smg ones. I have many other mods with custom animation that work. Does anyone know what might be wrong?
    1. Kakalin123
      • member
      • 23 posts
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      There might be compatibility issues. Try troubleshooting it or uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.
  10. Gus0130
    • member
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    So I installed with NMM, and the gun is invisible :( Don't know anything about modding so can anyone help fix it?
    1. Kakalin123
      • member
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      Refer to the FAQ
  11. Kakalin123
    • member
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    Will the VSV be added at all?