About this mod

Allows the player to change the color, trim, and decals of any vault suit found in game

Permissions and credits
This mod has been discontinued. I'd recommend using Gunmetal Armor Skins - Vault Suit Pack and Camouflage Vault Suit Skins in tandem in as a replacement

HELP REQUEST: I'm currently having an issue where I cannot use the CK material editor (loads but no material files appear) and the nexus material editor (cannot open .BGSM files). I will be unable to update this mod any further until I get around this, so any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


This mod allows players to customise the appearance of the vault jumpsuits found in The Commonwealth. It should work with any vanilla or DLC vault suit. The mod makes use of AWKCR's color system, and as such requires it. It also requires all official DLC at the moment- a later update should remove this dependancy, as I want to make sure nothing in the mod relies on DLC content. 

As of V1.1, only Contraptions workshop and AWKCR are required

How it works

Upon selecting any vault suit in the workbench, options will appear to modify the primary colour, secondary colour (gloves, boots, trim, etc), and decal.


Primary Colours:

(Note that the White and Winter DPM options look strange in the above image- this is due to the in game lighting when the screenshot was taken, they don't have the pinkish hue in game)

Blue Tiger and Weathered (WIP) have been added in V1.1

Secondary colours:
-Black with brown leather
-Red with brown leather
-White with brown leather
-White with black leather

Decals (replacing the number on the back of the suit):
-Vault 101
-Vault 111
-Vault 114
-Vault 75
-Vault 81
-Vault 95
-Assassins Creed Logo (3 colours)
-House Baratheon Sigil (2 Variants)
-Borg Emblem (2 Variants)
-Brotherhood of Steel Emblem
-Institute Logo (2 Variants)
-Northern Irish Flag
-House Lannister Sigil (2 Variants)
-Scottish Flag
-House Stark Sigil (2 Variants)
-House Targaryen Sigil (3 Variants)
-UK Flag
-US Flag
-Fallout Universe US Flag
-Welsh Flag
-Westworld Logo (2 Variants)
-V1.1- Cerberus Logo (2 Variants)
-V1.1- Galactic Empire Logo
-V1.2- EU Flag (2 Variants)
-V1.2- French Flag
-V1.2- German Flag
-V1.2- Institute Logo (2 Variants)

One of the above can be chosen from each category, resulting in thousands of possible combinations (4352 in total if you include the default options, as of version 1.0). They have no perk or material requirements, so feel free to experiment.

Also Available on Bethesda.net


-Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
-Contraptions Workshop DLC

Known Issues

-The secondary colours currently only show up on the trim, not the boots and gloves
-Some users have experienced an issue with the colour options showing up for other pieces of equipment in addition to the vault suit  This has (presumably) been fixed in V1.2


Thanks to XunAmarox for adding the Vault 88 option