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These are the LooksMenu presets for my characters that I use in my videos.

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Viewers often ask for my game saves and my LooksMenu presets for my characters. I just completed a tutorial on how to use LooksMenu, so I figured I'd finally make these available to download. I don't pretend that these look amazing, but they are mine. I include some of the old versions for each character. Older versions do not need any mods to work other than LooksMenu. Some of the newer ones use new hairstyles found from the "Lots More Male/Female Hairstyles" mods, which I link to in the required files section.


She is my first character and my main. I wanted to side with the Minutemen, but I accidentally sided with the Railroad with her. Still, I use her for all of my Minutemen settlement builds, because she is still the General even if she is a Railroad agent.

There are three versions of her. 1.0 is fresh from the vault. She is still wearing the makeup she wore at home the day the bombs fell. She had a young mother/housewife thing going on with shoulder-length hair.

In 2.0, she is a bit more weatherbeaten. Her makeup has long been washed away. She cut her hair as it interfered with her armor. She is still working through her emotions as she comes to terms with the reality around her, and struggles with survival.

In 3.0, she has emerged victorious, having conquered the Institute and the BoS. She has embraced her role as the General of the Minutemen. A firm, resolute mouth has replaced her quirky grin. As a leader and role model, she puts herself together as best she can each day, and takes the time to tie up her hair. her cheeks are a tad bit rosy now that she is well fed, after succeeding in settling all settlements in the Commonwealth, ushering all farms into an age of prosperity free from raider oppression, providing the people of Boston with the food they so desperately need.


I wanted to see the Minutemen ending, so I made this character. I have not played her much since completing the main story.


I made him to look like me (as best as I could). You'll need some glasses for the full effect. I sided with the Brotherhood with this guy.

In 1.0, he is the happy-go-lucky father and husband who entered the vault. He has a chubby, well-fed face, borne from the years of at-home comfort he enjoyed after leaving the service.

In 2.0, the smile is gone. The fates of his wife and child are matters of history now. He joined the Brotherhood of Steel, at first because he needed their help to find his family. He remains partly because he has gone too far with them to turn back, and partly because he truly believes that they are the only worthy force in the wasteland. The things he has had to do to survive, that he has had to do to please Maxon, have haunted him. But he has gotten over that. He is now a Sentinel. He is back to being a soldier. He makes his decisions to the tune of two words. Ad victoriam.


She is my evil Institute character, so I made her pale, with angular features, dark hair, fierce green eyes, and a snarl. She is a lot of fun to play.

1.0 is fresh from the vault. Her hair is straight and shoulder-length. She looks every bit of the stuffy, corrupt lawyer she was in her past life.

2.0 comes years after leaving the vault, as she struggles to find her son and survive. The stress of survival has turned her hair a little gray, and she ties it up to get it out of her way. Practicality is the rule of thumb these days instead of vanity.

In 3.0, she has embraced her role among the scientists of the Institute. She drapes herself in heavy makeup and dyes her hair jet black, giving into her vanity. She buzzed the side of her head to appear more intimidating. Deep inside she is a bit insecure, not sure if she has what it takes to be the leader the Institute needs, not sure if she can make her son proud. She wears a tight-lipped snarl to push people away and broadcast that she is not to be trifled with. Institute scientists fear and respect her for her callousness and brutality. She leads the Institute to greatness, but only because in so doing, she helps herself.