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Makes the lame generic and stupid followers into brilliant little snowflakes with abilities to match them.

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Do you wish there was a bigger reason to choose a companion other than who looks the best? Do you hate it when you companion is to stupid to retreat? or switch weapons? Would you like to see Danse run someone over with his power armor? Then stick around, and read through the rest of my bad grammar.


What this mod does. It modifies all the companions to have a lot more uniqueness to their fight. Some have a chance of getting a better permanent gun, most get fun special abilities and all get a much needed AI upgrade plus perks(15-35 per follower). I changed a lot, so let me just break it down simple...

ALL  of the companions have had their AI tweaked so they will re-target nearby threats and not get mauled. Most will also pull out a melee weapon if engaged in close range and have a decent weapon on hand(give them one). Perception will effect their cone of fire if they’re not moving or crouched. They can now critical and it’s based off their luck stat (5 = 5%). They indicate that they are under chem or alcohol effects by showing the generic legendary yellow smoke effect. Adjusted non stealthy guys to be less stealthy (danse, strong) and stealthy to be really stealthy (piper, nick,*deacon*,dogmeat). All "companion weapons" get a 5% boost in power for every 10 levels up to 25%. companions get a damage boost to ALL weapons on enemies level 50 and above starting at level 70 (max25% at level 120). Companions receive perks for weapons they would prefer, chem, alcohol, food, stimpack use, night vs day perks and radiation immunity’s varying on their personality types and race.

Danse has always been good but he is tanky so I made him a close to mid-range fighter. He stays out in the open taking the hits so you don't have to. If you are hurt badly enough by things *near you* he will attempt to charge in and pain train or punch them to draw attention off you. If you complete his favor quest he will additionally slow down fusion cell usage by half when he is partied with you. He is however big and can’t avoid mines. His armor takes zero health damage making him really customizable. He is also effective with heavy weapons.

MacCready is really good with single shot rifles and as such has a great chance of doing limb damage, armor piercing disarming and shooting for the head. He has high luck and can do even more bonus damage when he crits. Over all he is average in his healing, drug, explosive and auto weapon use. upon first contact with the enemy he will attempt to hold his ground keeping calm under fire and focusing on using his gun. if taking to much fire he will attempt to fall back to cover taking less shots but more accurate. Where he shines is his scavenging ability’s. He is good at finding ammo and any weapon he uses only consumes half ammo. He also left his favorite semi auto sniper where you found him

Cait likes things up close and personal. She can use unarmed weapons but prefers melee weapons as most of her abilities are for melee. She is very good at keeping anything she fights off balance (on the ground) or disarmed including monsters. She takes less damage while moving and is faster while in melee. She has high chances of dodging attacks and blocking melee. Her starting shotgun has been upgraded so it’s not completely useless out of range and she will use it to close the distance. Cait is no longer stupid when she is taking a lot of damage and will disengage from melee when she is hurt. Completing her quest will additionally speed your attacks and movement when fighting with melee and HER BY YOUR SIDE.

Preston is very cover friendly and receives bonuses while not moving. If equipped with his lost pistol he will use it in close encounters (check museum). Sturges also upgraded a laser rifle musket that got lost in the fight at the museum. His musket damage has increased by more than double and is well trained im musket use. he gets a chance to knock enemies on their ass if they didn’t die from his musket shots. He is very useful with explosives and will sometime throw a Molotov in fights. He is really good at rifle butting and also gets a 20% damage boost to all non-heavy guns. As a high ranking officer in the minute men he also can call them in for harder fights but the ability falls under the same rules as your flare gun(except faster cooldown).

Curie as an ex Mr. handy (or nanny[whatever]) likes to get her hands dirty and since she won’t have basic synthe programming to blend in she can push her body to its limits. In vault 81's med lab you can find her syringer that poisons enemies lowers damage resistance and reduces action points. But she prefers to examine the wasteland with her hands and does well with unarmed type weapon. Using hand to hand she will methodically brake down her opponents by disabling there limbs. She can knock anyone out including creatures for a few seconds and will attempt to dodge most attacks of any kind. She can almost completely heal herself with here medical skills when she is hurt (give her stimpacks). She will also slowly passively cure your radiation when she is a follower and you've completed her quest. None of this works when she is a Mr. HandyDandyNanny though.

Dogmeat is much faster in combat like a dog would be. Dogmeat also helps you spot enemies better when asked to find enemies based on where he/she is. He/she will now attempt to run from bad situations instead of getting killed. Dogmeat being an alpha dog will passively turn any dogs near her friendly. pacified dogs (one at a time) will follow Dogmeat around until abandoned or dead. He/she has had a buff to bleed effects and disarming abilities if you have them as perks. Dogmeat used to get a health bonus based on level but I changes that to damage reduction so his/her new passive healing is more effective.

Nick is now tougher than ever and can use most fire arms but prefers single shot pistols like the 44 on his desk. Not much for the kill shot he will try to disarm or cripple enemies and doesn’t have issues with attacking in close range. His greatest ability is that he can hold up Enemy NPCs that are unaware while he is in stealth. These held up people will usually drop their weapon and rare ammo/caps that you would not otherwise have gotten of them. You may have additional options if you are near the NPC soon after being held up. Nick's undercover work has taught him much about using stealth. Nicks lack of a dermal layer makes him extremely susceptible to direct fire damage.

Deacon is frail and weak. That being said he is the only companion that can now stealth attack x6 with a gun x14 with a melee weapon on unaware or searching enemies. With his silenced rifle in the railroad HQ he can one-shot most bad guys assuming he doesn’t miss. While player is in stealth command him to attack then where to make the attack from, allowing you time to set up for someone else. He is really effective with a stealboy but can stealth on his own for 10sec if you crouch. He will also try to stealth while in melee giving him increased damage resistance (harder to hit).he prefers keeping combat midrange to long and using silence weapons. He is also extremely stealthy but keep in mind that out in the open in the day is still not very stealthy.

STRONG is well, strong… so he tends to charge in to bash in heads. Not much for retreating he prefers to rely on his natural abilities. He can passively heal and it kicks in to overdrive once he is below 25% health. While in this pissed off low health state he gets faster and stronger with a slew of new effects on enemies to the point he has a chance to instantly kill most types of enemies. That being said he can use guns simi effectively with the exception of heavy weapons in which he can use with deadly proficiency. Strong is also not very good around stealthy situations and traps/mines.

X6-88 is deadly accurate and if he picked up is prototype gun in the enclave or libertalia he will pull it out and decimate enemies WHEN he feels threatened. 2mm ammo is not cheap and x6 is efficient. If too badly hurt he might call in synthes to help him fight. X6 likes to keep things midish range mostly advancing when using superior fire power but falling back cautiously making accurate shots when overwhelmed. X6 does not like the effects of electricity on his systems and takes extra damage from that damage type.Without armor he is weak and prefers to kill things before they shoot back.

Piper doesn’t trust synths and as such studied anything mechanical like for weak spots. She has a chance per shot to do 4x damage to any robotic enemies. She brings along special ammo that causes a lot diverse effects. she will start a fight mid to close range but can retreat if hurt badly enough. Her experience in the wasteland has gained her a lot of contacts and information and as such, can blackmail some enemies to fight for you. she also keeps her favorite armor piercing 10mm close to where she sleeps. Her time in the wastes was tough and has learned when to keep your head down and be stealthy. Completing her quest gives you a bonus to speech WHEN traveling with her.

Hancock likes to keep things close-ish and will alternate between stabbing range and shotgun range. He also likes to flank his enemies either from the side or the back. He is proficient with auto guns but really likes his peace keeping converted tommy shotgun that he keeps on display. Hancock is unique in that all his stats affect him drastically so chem stat changes effect him drastically: strength=melee damage(more so then norm), intelligence = gun damage, agility = stealth, endurance = less damage received, charisma = given chems time limit and like all companions now perception = aim, luck = crit chance. Hancock also has a 2 chems of his own. one increases Intelligence and strength (red) and the other speed and endurance(lightgreen).

Codsworth still sucks but can still say your name. That being said he is a little tougher and a little more cautious. His carry weight is increased so he can carry your stuff. His flamethrower does REAL fire damage instead of energy so it should go through armor and might make people run away. If you complete his follower quest he will give you a large bonus to any scrap that you break down near him.


to be safe. make all your companions leave (shuts down scripts) and go somewhere else (shuts down effects). save. uninstall old mod, then install new mod. try to keep it in the same order so you don't have to pick up some of the companion guns again. load save.


I suck at spelling and grammar. plus when you become a mod author this site slows way down apparently. some letters just don't make it here.

The video is hard to explain. I suck at making them. click the videos tab for a brief explanation of what im showcasing. or make a better one (please)

There are a lot more perks that they have but don’t have the time to get into but for the most part try to read between the lines of their descriptions. its more fun this way anyways.

This mod uses scripts If that’s a problem, but it doesn’t need a script extender. my scripts are light and well tested.

Some companions are no longer immune to radiation (when a active follower) however out of combat the game still heals the s*** out of them so the only effects you will see is out of combat they heal slower and in combat radiation hurts, a lot.

Every one except Danse will switch to a melee weapon when engaged in melee unless you equip them with a weapon from there inventory. Equip no weapon and they will choose for themselves. If you equip someone like deacon with a “super sledge 9000” and the “little pee shooter that couldn’t” expect him to engage with melee sooner and from farther away. This works both ways. Auto plasma beats knife at close range for most but expect someone like Cait to favor the knife when they get close.

Danse will sometimes do his charge and stop short of someone. This will only last a second and he will usually switch to a weapon or punch the target. I think this has something to do with why he never no matter what switches to a melee weapon unless forced to(by you) or scripted to.

DEACONS STEALTH COMMAND ATTACK only works if he is crouched and not in combat. You have to tell him to attack target like normal but he won’t do anything until you tell him where to make the attack (click on the ground). He will then stealthfully move there and then attack giving you time to set up yourself. He can also miss.

Nicks Hands Up Effect only works on the unaware and only when nick is crouched. Think of him as more a 10 foot radius trap. Check his inventory for loot or he might use it when he picks up a gun with the same ammo type. you now have to collect it on the ground. (nicks modded armor bug)

Nick gets 45 a lot when holding people up so you could give him a gun that uses that type of ammo.

X6-88 won’t get his special weapon ammo unless he picked up his prototype gun

Piper is the only one who has a holdup effect that can work on people that have a higher level then you. Blackmail gets everyone no matter how high up the food chain you are.

All Picked up companion special weapons cannot be removed (unless through console) and will be favored over their old weapons. Except for Preston who uses his pistol at close range and X6 who uses his big gun when he randomly gets special ammo for it. to get them, find them and tell the corresponding companion to pick it up(hints above).

Prestons flare gun ability has a faster cool down then you but sometimes nobody answers, just like when you use it.

Hancock will not use his stash if he is on your drugs…. chems…. whatever.

I have tested and tweaked this mod for balance but am open to input. Levels 1-15ish there a little on the op side but even out on higher levels.
this mod is balanced for hardmode.

Its super fun to OD Hancock and watch that auto shotgun go crazy.

FU grammar police ;)

companion unlimited ammo mod
if you chose single it will work if you use multi it might not work. you could always just  press (~) click on your companion and type "addkeyword 23f1ca" and they will stop using ammo. its what the multi version does.

Any Mod that lets you recruit multiple followers.
Should be fine. That being said some of their abilitys and your added companion perks check if they're in "current companion faction" so probably only the first recruited companion will let you use my augmented companion perks

better companions.
his mod effects the combat styles and so does mine. not compatible(ish). however im told his is compatible with face mods. so my be a good alternative to this mod

works. just as long as you load mine after.(tested good)

Curie Get Your Gun.
is redundant and may make her favor her laser rifle over my new cooler syringer

Super mutant redux.
effects strong so you might want to prioritize the strong you prefer (lower in order) as my mod inadvertently does a lot similar

Face mods
esp's need a patch from FO4Edit (check the forums tab here on how to do that). texture replacers (plugins?) needs to be imported to my esp. or they need to be labeled to replace the correct texture/morph. an example would be valentine reborn in the installation section. some authors do this some don't.

TNR Shoulder Lamp by AKcelsior
Don't give to deacon. It does weird things and I have no idea why. apparently cloaking and lights don't mix well.

Perk mods
companions use a lot of the same perks you do. if the generic perks change it will probably change for them... so should be fine?

Location changing mods like Elianora's Faction Housing Overhaul conflict with the RR HQ where Deacons gun is so place them under this. (Tested positive to work).

The future of this mod This mod is about bug free. most complications arise from mod mixing. I will still keep my eye on it but the downloads are drifting off. I added it to beth.net for the xbox. PS4 cant add scripts. I don't want to make a light version for PS cuz it would be sad. I finely got the DLC but havnet played it. I imagine I will be making my own edits to the followers there. they im sure will make it here. im also thinking of a new mod sense I started dabbling in quests (its how dogs follow dogmeat). kinda a bounty hunter force that tracks your crime and sends hits on you while your chasing mutated butterflies. this came about because the dynamic AI/abilities that the companions have are really fun to fight while I tested them. we will see.

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shatteredsteal, ai-tv, Dogtoothcg, Ashnal, B-Money and the rest of Fallout Mods Discord (https://discordapp.com/channels/252656277820407808/252656277820407808). cuz before them i didn't know shiyt.

the safest way would be to make all your companions leave and go somewhere they are not then save before uninstalling. companion scripts will shut down when dismissed.

change what you want but don't republish any part of this mod without my expressed permission. permission is best gained trough posts here or discord forum(Deathlock47). if you want to make a compatibility patch with your mod you don't need to ask me (its still nice to do). just know that I update a lot and its possible that future updates will be incompatible with your patch.