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Red Scare is a small quest mod uncovering the story of a ghoul's missing father.

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  • Mandarin
Red Scare is a Fallout 4 Quest Mod that takes place in Concord. In Red Scare players meet a ghoul named Michael Eckert, who’s in the backyard of his prewar home. He explains to the player that his father abandoned the family shortly before the Great War. Eckert was only an infant and wants to know what happened; he suspects the sealed disaster shelter behind the home contains his answers. Now, Michael needs the Sole Survivor’s help to get in. Investigate the Eckert house. Fight through the raider infested, family owned, Hardware and Lumber. Open the mysterious underground shelter and uncover the troubled story of father, businessman, extreme-nationalist, anti-communist, and severely paranoid, Amos Eckert.

Red Scare uses a silent protagonist. Please enable dialogue subtitles to read player dialogue. To access the content of Red Scare, travel to Concord; Michael is behind the houses between the Red Rocket and the city.