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Ditches the base games Hitscan System in favor of more realistic Bullet Velocity and Gravitational Drop.

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Realistic Bullets!

Originally made to be a PS4 friendly alternative to similar mods such as "Weapons of Fate", "Visible Bullets", and "Tracers - Light 'em up".
I received request to upload this to Nexus, So here it is.
Works with .esp only, no external assets needed.

This mod adds more realistic Velocities and Gravitational drop to your bullets!
No more hitting the target instantly, With this mod Bullet actually take
time to travel to the target and are effected by gravity!

To Tracer or not to Tracer

Available with or without tracers

Update 1.3
Realistic Bullets 1.3: Now with more realism!

-Now packaged as All-In-One download with FOMOD installer.
-New Projectile data entry forms added.
-Velocities adjusted on all bullets to more accurately match real world counterparts.
-Ammo renaming to match real world counterparts with Valdacil's Item Sorting support.
-Plasma Projectile velocities slightly reduced from 1.2 values.
-Missile launcher gravitational effects slightly reduced from 1.2 values.
-NC/WSE2 versions updated for New Calibers 3.07.

Update 1.2
Realistic Bullets 1.2: The More Speed Update! Vanilla and New Calibers Edition:

     All bullets velocities doubled, Gravity adjusted to provide same drop at range as before.
     Reduced Gravitational drop on Missile launcher.
     Reduced Gravitational drop on Railway Rifle.
     Added Ballistics to Alien Blaster Pistol and Double vanilla projectile velocity.
     Plasma Weapons have projectile speed increased by about 80% over Vanilla.
     Visible Tracer Effect now standard. Non Tracer Dark Bullets option available in optional file.
Dark Bullet options are stand alone and do not require main file to work.
Additional Changes for WeaponSmith 2 Edition 1.2:

     Reduced Gravitational drop for Fireworks Cannon, Toy Rocket launcher, Red Rocket Launcher, and Plasrail Disc projectiles.
     Increased speed of Alien Blaster Rifle projectiles. Slow Projectile +100% (4000 to 8000) Medium Projectiles +50% (8000 to 12000) Fast Projectiles +25% (16000 to 20000)

Update 1.1

Added Ballistics to Plasma Weapons and Turrets.
Fix for issue of bullet sometimes colliding with your own weapon.
.50 Caliber ammo now has slightly faster velocity then .308

Future plans include adding New Calibers and WSE2 compatible versions.

New Calibers and Weaponsmith Extended 2 Editions now available!

Featured by Anti-Hype Games.

Also Available on console!



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