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A Looksmenu preset for Fallout 4

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Lana a Looksmenu Preset

I've downloaded my fair share of presets here on the Nexus and I started to notice my original character looked quite different from most. Because of this I decided to upload the preset and share it. Enjoy.

Required Mods

The two files you Need to access this preset:

Recommended Mods
Optional files required to make your Lana look like the screenshots:

ENB & Lighting
If you want the lighting to look the same then you will need the following mods:


I would personally install this file manually and cannot gaurentee that the NMM will place the file in the correct location.
Download the file and unzip it to your desktop. Then open (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/fallout 4/data/f4se/plugins/f4ee/presets and drop in the file. You will then find Lana in the preset options when editing your characters face.