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  • HUDFramework FAQs (for mod authors)

    Q: How do I get started?

    A: Download the example widget from the Files section! It's named "HUDFramework Sample Widget". It's a simple HUD widget that tracks and displays on-screen the number of kills the player has made. It contains all the information you need to load a widget and send data to it.

    For more advanced widgets, check out the sources for HoloTime and Companion Status HUD, which are available on their respective mod pages.

    Q: Does adding HUDFramework to my existing mod mean that it will have a hard requirement on HUDFramework?

    A: Absolutely not! Adding HUDFramework as a master makes sense if your mod is solely a HUD widget or wouldn't otherwise work without HUDFramework. If you already have an exis...

  • Getting Started with HUDFramework (for mod authors)

    What do I need to create a HUD widget?

    You need:
    1. SWF authoring software - I use Adobe Flash CS6 for this purpose.
    2. A Papyrus script to control widget registration, loading, and passing information to the UI widget.
    3. The HUDFramework Development Kit - this contains the HUDFramework Papyrus API and an AS3 interface file for your widgets.

    *** Before you start, download the HUDFramework Sample Widget from the Files tab for a simple widget example! ***

    Copy contents of the two folders in the HUDFramework Development Kit into your Papyrus source folder and Flash project folder, respectively.

    First, create your HUD widget in Flash. Add text, graphics, etc. as you see fit. Use white color (#000000) for all your UI ele...