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Mod that adds a holotape allowing the player to trigger "Defend the Castle" quests.

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Trigger Castle Attacks aka "Castle Live Fire Exercises"
Version 1.2.0 released July 3 2017


1.1.0 - Now adds holotape to world via script instead of manually placing it.
1.2.0 - Rewrote script to add holotape to world: leaves on general McGann if "Old Guns" not finished, otherwise gives directly to player. Also added chemistry station recipe (under "utilities").

What this mod does

This mod adds a holotape that lets you trigger the "Defend the Castle" quest. The holotape is pretty self explanatory and will let you trigger an attack on the Castle - make sure to listen to Radio Freedom after requesting the attack! Once you have successfully defended the Castle you will need to leave Castle and come back before you can trigger the quest again. Also, you will be unable to trigger an attack during quests that involve the Castle (e.g. when attacking the Prydwen).

If you have not finished the "Old Guns" quest, you will find the holotape on the body of General McGann. If you have finished "Old Guns" the holotape should appear in your inventory straight away when you install this mod. I have also added a chemistry station recipe that lets you craft the holotape after "Old Guns" is completed.

My excuse for a General of the Minutemen having a tape that makes his own base get attacked was that a General in the past liked to provoke enemy attacks as a form of training. On a scale of 1 to 10 of lore friendliness, where 1 is a Thomas the Tank engine Power armor mod and 10 is a mod that makes power armor much more scarce, this probably rates at about a 5 or 6.

This mod was inspired by a request in a Reddit post for more attacks on the Castle ( Unfortunately, this mod uses scripts and so won't be available for PS4. I tried getting a version of this mod working on PS4 by playing around with the Story Manager in the Creation Kit: I gave up after a few hours and won't be trying again anytime soon.


Just the base game


Standard: see if you are new to this.

This mod adds a single holotape with a single script that just sends a "start quest" command. There should be absolutely no issues uninstalling it.


Could perhaps conflict with any mods that edit the tunnels under the Castle used in the "Old Guns" quest. Such mods usually recommending installing them after completing the quest anyway: if you have alread picked up the holotape, there should be no issue.

Should be compatible with everything else. In particular, this mod does not touch the Castle cell, the Defend the Castle quest itself, or anything else to do with the Minutemen.

Usage rights

If you want to incorporate this mod into your own one ask me first. I will upload this to myself.

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