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Female only for now, Adds a military themed outfit to fallout 4, has dog tags and gloves and has several camo options. BodySlide supported

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Temporary work around for the black faces on the leg plates is as follows:
open the main outfit nif files in nifskope and right click the leg plate/leg plate belts and go Mesh>Face Normals.
then save the nif, it will fix the issue until it is next exported.

i know this is frustrating, but as far as i know it is the only way to fix it.
Once i know how, Ill implement a proper fix.

Requires AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended and a CBBE compatible body texture

This mod adds a new military themed outfit to fallout 4, includes dog tags and some gloves to go with it along with several camo options. Supports BodySlide

Craftable at the armorsmith bench.

By default fits CBBE Curvy preset, but the BodySlide files are included so you can make your own (note that there is an issue as of V1.0.0 where the leg plate will flip faces upon export from bodyslide, ive been unable to find a fix myself (if anyone knows how to fix, please let me know)).

Currently includes 4 colour/camo variation sets:

Also be warned that the meshes might still be slightly highpoly, I might optimize them further at some point, but for now it will be as-is.


You may only edit/redistribute the files in the resource pack file, all other files are associated with other people and I cannot give permission for them.

Caliente & Ousnius for the CBBE body & the BodySlide and Outfit Studio Application
Valdacil, Gambit77 and AndrewCX for the AWKCR mod
Gambit77 for the Armorsmith Extended mod
DixiePig for the Belt and Pouches
Gimora for the Boots
RedLine_c64 for the Harness
SkyrimForDaWin (myself) for meshing and texturing the dogtags, pants, tanktop, leg plates and gloves
if i forgot anyone let me know.