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Reeb Marina is a location just waiting for a brave group of settlers. Will you lead them?

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Hey settlement building friends! I've found a likely place to build, called Reeb Marina. It's mighty dangerous there, some Super Mutants, some raiders, maybe even some mirelurks hanging around there. The building is fairly salvageable, and I've cleared up a bug with a Mr. Handy robot I found outside so it would start cleaning up the place again. My coding skill is a little rusty so I'm not sure how complete of a job he'll do.

Go check it out, if you like, and send me a postcard of what ya built! Maybe I'll come for a visit when I come back that way.

If you all could do me a bit of a favor, and go see my friend over at The Small Addition I'd really appreciate it! He's got a really neat thing going on over there!

Yep, the birthday quest still works, yep, the spawns are under control, yep crossed the Ts, dotted the Is. Scrap Everything may be useful for the scaffolding holding up the boats. I just disable them in the console (can be a bit of a PITA, as they are many parts).

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JKalts Finder of broken things, breaker of not quite fixed things, with an eye for detail, and a flair for the dramatic. He likes to point out imperfect doors. A lot. My doors are imperfect. A lot. ((I plead the fifth; the doors were broken when I got there! I blame Medal of Honor: Doorfighter, they're always kickin' doors around!))