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A standalone, craftable neck cover for the Marine Armor from Far Harbor. Now with replacer version.

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Please note: this mod does not function the same as Marine Helmet with Tactical Hood, which has skin clipping issues and is a mesh replacer rather than a standalone craftable neck cover. Even then, my replacer version just adds the neck cover I made's mesh as an armor addon to the helmet's forms. By no means am I saying mine is superior, I'm only clarifying that I didn't steal anyone's content.

Wow, thank you all! This is my first ever mod to ever make the hot files!

Requires Far Harbor DLC. AWCKR version available.


You can craft this neck cover at the Chemistry Station under Utility, using 2 cloth, 2 leather, and 1 ballistic fiber.

A neck cover for the Marine Armor from Far Harbor. As the screenshots detail, it's made from a modified Marine Tactical Helmet, though it is not a replacer, it is completely standalone.Version 2.0 IS a replacer and does not include a crafting recipe since it becomes part of the helmet itself. Special thanks to ParasiteX for figuring this out.