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Adds four types of XCOM Flags to the settlement menu.

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So iv been watching Gophers XCOM 2 play through while working on another project for FO4 and thought it would be cool to have a flag to show your allegiance to the Earth, so here ya go. As for Lore, according to the XCOM wiki, the agency that would become XCOM was created in the late 1930's, before the timeline split from reality, so it can be as lore friendly as you want.

Version 1.3SS
Adds a standalone version for sim settlements dynamic flag system.

Version 1.2
Added Another worn version of the flag
Added A commanders Terminal under Decoration>Wall decorations>Misc
Added A magazine, gives you a 5% bonus to damage with the Alien Blaster, Location will be in a spoiler thread if you want to cheat, but it's pretty easy to find. (Hint: Where do you find magazines and chips on the go)

Version 1.1 update:
At the request of a few users I have added a worn version of the flag that is waving, Im planning to add a worn version of the other 3 types when time permits. The worn version is found next to the others in the crafting menu,

There are 4 types of flags, Waving, Hanging, Wall Mounted, And Short. All versions are under the flags category.

I found the Logo Here with the author saying it was free to use no credit required but I figured I would link anyway.

If you want to use this in your own project feel free but please A) send me a message with a link when your done so I can see. B) please link back to here and the above artist page in your description.