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Play as Big Boss/Venom Snake in Fallout 4!

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Decided to try something new after installing Looksmenu and a few more vanity mods so I've uploaded a preset for Big Boss aka Venom Snake.
You need to use Looksmenu to be able to load and save presets.

Although not mandatory using the following mods will make him look as close to the screenshots as possible :)

Looksmenu customisation compendium
Lots more male hairstyles
Cross familiar eyepatch and horn for that true Big Boss experience. Horn used at your discretion ;)

Spent a few hours trying to reshape his features and stuff. I know it's not spot on accurate but it's as close as I could get for now without going batshit insane :P See new uploaded images for how he looks.

Now all we need are parasites and fiddles!!!!! :P


1.3: Uploaded Looksmenu preset.

1.2: Updated appearance again. Save begins right after character creation so you can name him yourself and choose your perks. If you name him Snake NPc's will call him that!

1.1: file uploaded which uses a different hairstyle (colonial), minor appearance tweaks and begins right after character creation so you can name him and add your own perks :)


For Looks menu file: Copy it to steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets and then load it in game at either ingame creator or surgeon chair :)
For save file: Open the archive and copy the save file to \Documents\my games\Fallout4\Saves and off you go.

NOTE: some saves begin just after exiting the vault. They are labelled.
If you're not happy with the stats/perks use the following console commands to change them to your liking:

  • player.setav <variable> <amount> - Set an actor value to a specific amount, for instance strength,intelligence or , endurance, health, actionpoints for running atributes , and skills.
  • player.modav <variable> <amount> - Modify an actor value; the value will max out at its normal maximum value (100 for skills, 85 for resistances, 10 for S.P.E.C.I.A.L., etc.). A negative number lowers the variable.

If you don't like the hair you can use the console command 'showlooksmenu player 1' to open the customisation menu and I believe 'tfc' will help you to maneuver the camera.

Also if you'd like to use Big Boss in your current save without having to start anew this handy video explains the tools you need and what to do!

Feedback, comments, praise and worship most welcome.