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                              Hundreds of New Customization Options!
                         Why Have One When You Can Have It All!

        This Is a combination of mods that are 
unfortunately incompatible
    with each other so we all decided to combine our powers into one mod to                 work around that problem because we just love you all so much. ;)

       So here is our small lovely group of people that made this all possible! 

                                    ImAarwyn  for Misfit Ink Tattoos

      JTesmer  for Zella's Hair Dye Collection and Appealing moles and Freckles

                                           RobberFox for SSnT

                                                                       TrophiHunter  for THBrows

                             Xenius for Xenius Character Expansion

                                      Kirse10 for Kirse CC Addon

                                                                   CuriolNC/mimaef for Makeup for Men

                                 Wendera for De-fuglied Face paints

              EmissaryOfWind for their beautiful makeup and face paints 

     RoboAsimov for Lore-friendly Tattoo-a-palooza and Tattoo Cut Content 

                                                            and me for my Face Details Add-on

        If you are interested in adding your tattoos, scars, makeup etc into this                           mod contact me via PM me add I'll include your work in.
                   (Not Accepting any more hair colors due to limitations)

                                   Very simple just use nmm and your good to go. :)

        None that I can see but let me know if you have issues after installing it.
If you're using LooksMenu, I recommend you put it above this mod in your load order.

    This mod makes changes to the humanrace ID and will conflict with other mods        that adds extra colors to the hair and skin and face details which is the main                                                reason why this mod was born.

Beautiful Female Enemies is not compatible and will cause CTD