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A fully modular and customizable accessory mod for both male and female, with a ton of accessories that enable you to achieve a unique look.

The customization options are endless.

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Q1: Some of the meshes are purple ?
A1: It means you don't have the required DLC to use that particular item. Items which use DLC assets are marked with { } brackets with the DLC initials. For example {FH} or {NW}.

Q2: I am using a custom body. Will these accessories clip ?
A2: The accessories are made for vanilla shaped bodies, primarily VANILLA and EVB, so yes. Some of them will not look good as there's no Bodyslide. But there are a lot of accessories that you can still use.

Q3: Why is there no Bodyslide ?

A3: Some of them can't conform to the body properly and I don't have the time to provide Bodyslide Support for so many accessories.

Q4: May I convert this mod to CBBE and other bodies ?
A4: Yes, you may.


Jigodie for his modder's resource pistols which I adjusted and placed onto the thighs.