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This mod makes fragmentation grenades and mines actually shoot out shrapnel when they explode. Now w/ Nuka World Support.

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What does this mod do?

This mod makes fragmentation grenades, fragmentation mines, baseball grenades, bottlecap mines, and MIRV grenades, propel deadly shrapnel when they explode. ISee the new pictures for how it looks or check out this new video, now EuroFriendly (I'm sorry YouTube sucks in your country, it's not my fault.)


DAMAGE: High, Medium or Low.
How much the shrapnel hurts. Low is 50 damage, Medium is 2x, High 2.5x.

RANGE: Long, Medium or Short.
How far the shrapnel is propelled. Short is about the same distance as the explosion radius. Medium is 2x, Long is 2.5x.

KNOCKDOWN: Enabled or Disabled.
Should explosions send you flying through the air to an untimely death?

Nuka World Support: ON or OFF.
Do not enable if you don't have Nuka world installed!


Download with NMM and follow installer directions.

- OR -

If you want to manually install, pick only one esp to use.


Should be compatible with everything, but you never know. No weapons, cells, level lists, etc were modified.