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PLUNDER now has a standalone expansion mod, check the spoiler and click the image to visit the page:


Ever wish combat was more realistic? That Power Armours were walking tanks? That flamethrowers actually set fire to things? Maybe you aren't interested in difficulty based on inflating and deflating PC/Enemy actor values to the point where combat is really just comparing spreadsheets?

P.L.U.N.D.E.R is a unique combat overhaul that doesn't just affect combat. But also things that affect combat. Such as loot, and even the game economy. Also, keep in mind that this mod is balanced for survival. It might not play properly at other difficulties.

Brilliant showcase by Jimmy Gatz

  • - Explosions, flamethrowers and other appropriate things produce fire that will actually harm the enemy. This can be used to your advantage in creating harmful environments.
  • - Combat and damage is recalibrated for survival. Hardcore damage values mean few shots per kill for fast paced and intense combat.
  • - Blood, Shell Casings, Bullet Holes and similar things have all been configured to be visible from further away, and remain persistent for longer times. This also fixes the issue where blood doesn't appear properly when fighting enemies.
  • New Combat AI, lots of changes to behaviour affecting stealth and tactics. Also adding distinctive behaviour between factions. Raiders will now charge head on into your gunfire, but gunners will entrench themselves and take shots from a safe place.
  • Hitboxes determine damage, and every creature is different. Humans are squishy and easily dispatched, particularly with headshots. Same applies to the player, no special immunities. Robots are far more resilient and require more firepower. Ferals are of course Romero configured, so headshots only. Even if you're one of those people who have only played Fallout 4 and have no clue about how much Bethesda have revised the lore on ghouls and genuinely don't think they're zombies... then, worth noting that in either case they're organs are clearly redundant since they can be resurrected by radiation. So headshots only makes sense either way. So stop pestering me about that! Animals are sort of a mix between robots and humans (to balance their melee attacks), and power armours halve all damage in all spots evenly... since, you know, they're power armours. 
  • Loot is now reconfigured completely. Enemies carry personal items like lighters and cigarettes, herbal stimulants, alcoholic drinks and so on. Factories are crammed with useful junk for building settlements, offices packed with technology, the raider duffle bags are now packed with guns to arm your settlers, trash containers are now full of just that - trash, and not just small amounts. Most generic containers found typically in dungeons are packed with useful stuff. Some might think that's unbalanced, but you can't carry it all with survival turned on. Not to mention that with combat being more difficult, it should also be more rewarding. I'm also phasing out post-war loot from prewar containers. Such as Jet in first aid kits, and scrounger caps in cigarette machines, and so on. Clear lore violation and yet Bethesda just shrugs. You can also find survival items in more appropriate places.
  • No more inappropriate caps. There are too much emphasis on the bottle cap economics. It doesn't make much sense. Why? Because the wasteland basically uses a feudal economy. With emphasis on bartering. Caps, and it's implied credit based system of economics wouldn't be very prevalent in such a society. Simply due to how unreliable it would be for anything other than day-to-day exchanges. Instead, what most people did, was to invest their caps into valuables. That retain their value for long periods of time, thus creating non-inflationary savings... which basically means you'll find people carrying more silverware and gold watches, along with smaller amounts of caps for spending money. 
  • Overpowered weapons are now balanced... and they're not even in the game! If you've played around with weapon mods here on the Nexus, you'll notice a lot of them are overpowered. It's not a bad thing, the mod author clearly thinks their gun looks cool, and wants it to have stats that suits an entire playthrough. However, in practice, that just means you're sneak-attacking everything with one shot. But with P.L.U.N.D.E.R, that might be just the thing needed to break a power armour, or hunt down a pack of super mutants. Get some powerful guns, and enjoy them in the environment they were intended for.
  • Preston and MacCready now have military training. Their combat styles are fixed up to make sure they behave like the skilled combatants they are.

This is what I got so far, more features to come in future patches.

P.L.U.N.D.E.R requires no DLCs, but is fully compatible with all of them.
P.L.U.N.D.E.R uses no scripts and will not corrupt your save game. Unless you edit the .esp and add horrible scripts to it.
P.L.U.N.D.E.R is fully compatible with just about every mod on The Nexus and Beth.net. Worst possible conflict is simply a matter of settings override, and that's just a matter of changing the load order priority. Takes less than seconds. 
I have tested this mod a lot, and thus far, no problems.

Issues so far:
The fire needs a bit of work. It's not buggy or anything, it's just underwhelming. Oh well, this is why it's a beta.