Fallout 4
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About this mod

Adds a wee quest line, allowing you to befriend Red Tourette and her raiders. In turn, the Federal Ration Stockpile becomes two workshops (interior & exterior), and you can recruit all the raiders there.

Permissions and credits

Requires all DLC.

Adds a fully voiced quest line where the player does a good turn for Red Tourette's gang. In turn, you are then able to recruit them into a party, as well as having them function as settlers. Better yet, the interior and exterior of the Federal Ration Stockpile are split into two individual workshops.

AND EVEN BETTER, the settlement beacons will bring you new raiders to do your bidding. And yes, Red Tourette is recruitable.

The interior's been changed to allow the scrapping of most objects. I pain-stakingly rebuilt the navmesh by hand to accommodate that, so NPCs will path in areas that the player has freed up. I also tidied up the exterior's navmesh, so the pathing should be a bit less funky.

To start the quest, head to Sanctuary's bridge, over by the statue. You'll find one of Tourette's raiders there.

If ya find bugs, gimme 'em so's I can fix 'em.

Supposedly, Raider Overhaul and Don't Call Me Settler bastardize some of the game's data, making things go cray-cray. Not my fault, not my problem, not mods that I use, so idgaf, my children.