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Help defend the Minutemen against the Pirates and claim this beautiful player home for yourself.

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The USS Quincy is a Minuteman outpost located just south of Warwick homestead. Help defend her from a pirate attack and gain access to your new workshop and quarters below deck. The minutemen recently refitted her as an outpost and base of operations to reclaim Quincy. Standby for future quests.

NOTE: The stern hatch is open, enter through there. This enables the fast travel map marker for inside the ship. The Captain's key is on your desk in your quarters below.

Huge thanks to JimmyGatz, Kottabos, JuiceHead, Oxhorn, DeThunder, Kasey North, and JR Mods for these awesome videos!

  • Full unrestricted workbench. Build anything that fits under the low ceilings. 
  • Linked workbench storage. Same goes for any new workbenches you build. 
  • Tons of unique storage containers. Pack-rats rejoice! 
  • Wind Power. 5 Large turbines provide ship-wide ambient and wired power. 
  • Scrap everything below deck, with the exception of the floors, hull, stairs and red workbench. Redecorate any way you want. 
  • Scrapping everything gives you roughly 1K of each component and an assortment of Minutemen weapons and armor. 
  • Yes you can scrap the crew.
  • Total of 15 unique crew members + animals. 
  • NPCs above deck are protected so only you can kill them. They will respawn in a week or so. 
  • NPCs below deck are killable (get ready for a fight) or scrappable (peaceful and weird). They do not respawn.
  • 6 vendors with unique and randomized respawning inventory. Voice dialogue recycled from existing game files. 
  • Full crew info/duties are available on Edith's medical terminal. 
  • 3 unique legendary weapons hidden aboard for the treasure hunters. 
  • Lovely views of Southeast Boston from the rigging above. 

  • No DLC required. Compatible with all DLC. 
  • No forms or objects from the base game were edited or deleted (borrows assets from the USS Constitution). 
  • There are navmesh changes in Commonwealth cell 15 -23. Compatible with any mod that doesn't also make changes to the navmesh in that exact area. 
  • Cleaned and maintained with FO4Edit. 

Where is the Captain's key?
On your desk in your quarters. Use the stern hatch to enter the ship. Entering through the stern also enables the Captain's Quarters fast travel marker.

I can't find the legendary weapons and it's pissing me off. Can I get a clue?
I am working on some clever clues for the Captain's Terminal. To be included in the first update. For now I can only recommend searching high and low, and somewhere in the middle. Message me if you need a stronger hint!

Does the boat move? Can I drive it? Are you going make that happen?
No. The bottom of the ship's hull was breached a long time ago. She's no longer sea worthy. The minutemen recently refitted her as an outpost and base of operations to reclaim Quincy. A future quest will follow up on that. 

This mod plays nicely with the Red Wave, which has has mooring at Warwick Homestead.

Can I build above deck?
No, but the mod "Conquest" will allow you to build on the beach. I only briefly tested this, so I can't support any issues that may arise. Just keep it very small in order to avoid possible performance issues. 

Can I send companions there? Can I recruit and assign settlers?
No. This isn't a settlement and wasn't designed that way. Think Home Plate but more awesome. 

Warwick Homestead is nearby.

Is my stuff safe in the containers?
Below deck: Absolutely. For as long as you keep this mod installed. The cell below deck never resets. 
Above deck: Not likely. That cell is part of the Commonwealth and therefore does respawn if you're away for longer than 7 days in-game.

NOTE: I did set the containers above deck to not respawn, but I wouldn't trust that for more than a week. However the external workbenches are safe. They're linked to the main workshop container in the cell below.

Will the pirates attack again? 
Oops! I messed something up. Can I start over?
Absolutely. Follow these steps:
  • Remove any valuable items you have on board. 
  • Go to another location. Save and quit. 
  • Uninstall the mod and then restart the game. 
  • Make a new save without the mod installed. 
  • Quit and then reinstall the mod. 
  • Load and fight the pirates again.

Did this mod cause my game to crash?
Not likely. See compatibilty section above.  

I have another question/comment...
Ask away! I'm passionate about this mod and will be checking comments regularly.


Available on Bethesda.net for PC,PS4 and XB1.

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