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Tweaks ballistic weapon's damage and recoil to be proportional to their (estimated) muzzle energy and momentum. Also simplifies and makes gun-mods a bit more realistic.

Permissions and credits
This mod tweaks ballistic weapon's damage and recoil to be proportional to their (estimated) muzzle energy and momentum. Also simplifies and makes gun-mods a bit more realistic, also reduces material cost. The goal would be to give guns a bit more static feeling.  Well, this mod is very similar to other overhauls, like Re-ballistic.
  • Energy weapons and mods are mostly untouched.
  • Actor changes: (NPCs and creatures) Headshot damage bonus increased from x2 to x3. Limb damage reduced. Limb HP reduced to compensate for the damage reduction.
  • Damage is proportional to muzzle energy. This means guns with rifle cartridges (5mm, .308, .50) are a tiny-bit over-powered.
  • Recoil is proportional to momentum. This should give guns with different munitions a bit more authentic feeling. It also makes firing high-caliber rifles on full-auto impractical.
  • Crafting material cost of mods are reduced (roughly 50%). Standard mods are free to craft.
  • Receivers now only increase rate of fire.
  • Longer barrels slightly increase damage, range and accuracy, but also increase recoil and action point cost.
  • Grips & Stocks don't affect action point cost anymore.
  • Muzzle attachments don't affect range anymore.
  • Magazines & Sights: minor modifications.
  • Hip-fire accuracy have been removed from most mods.

More details:
  • Only affect the rate of fire of the weapon.
  • Semi-auto receivers double the base fire rate.
  • Full-auto receives increase the rate of fire by 50-60%. The rate of fire values can be different for each weapon, as I tried to keep it at a realistic level.
  • Longer barrels have higher muzzle velocity. Porting slightly decreases muzzle velocity, while significantly reduces the recoil, by redirecting gases upward.
  • Short-barrel: the default barrel for most weapon.
  • Stub-barrel: -30% damage -30% recoil -25% action point cost. Shorter range.
  • Long-barrel: +20% damage +10% accuracy +10% recoil +20% action point cost. Longer range.
  • Porting: -20% recoil -10% action point cost -10% damage. Slightly reduces the effective range.
  • Don't affect action point cost anymore.
  • Don't affect sight time anymore
  • No more "hip-fire accuracy"
  • Stocks are significant upgrades from Grips. Better accuracy and less recoil.
Muzzle attachments
  • Don't reduce range anymore.
  • Compensator, Muzzle break and Silencer reduce action point cost by ~15%

Recommended mods
Any weapon-mod with .50 bullets, as my mod makes it unused by vanilla weapons.
Makeshift Anti-Materiel Rifle


Two versions available. Standard damage variant is closer to vanilla weapons: pistols caliber weapons deal less damage, but have an increased rate of fire. High caliber guns deal more damage, but have a much higher recoil to compensate.
The high damage variant is scaled from the fully modded pipegun, thus ballistic weapons deal +75% damage compared to the standard version. This makes rifles as, if not more powerful, than the top energy weapons.

1, a, Use a mod manager OR
1, b, Unpack the "BallisticWeaponsUNbalanced.7z" into your "[...]/fallout4/data" folder

2, Make sure you only activate the .esp-s in your load order, which DLCs you own.

It will collide with mods, which edits base-game weapons, like Better mod descriptions. The mod lower in your load order will overwrite the preceding mod-edits. It also disables tagging on weapons, if you have a shorting mod installed. It also disables the name-tags on weapons.

The mod only contains edits, it doesn't add or remove anything from the game itself. So it should be safe to uninstall, but the game runs on a gamebryo engine, so I would not bet on it.

Future plans
Modding DLC weapons. Adding mod patches. Further tweaks etc.

-Bethasda and the Creation Kit of course.
-I came up with this mod on my own. Mainly, because I wasn't content, how the game's modding system worked. I wanted the guns more static, different calibers more pronounced.
-I took a look at Re-ballistic's data sheets, it gave me a bit of inspiration.