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Adds in around 20 new Deathclaws all using vanilla assets, such as the Albino Alpha, or the Glowing Matriarch. All added via script.

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This mod adds in around 20 new Deathclaw variants. All of them are added to the appropriate leveled list via script, apart from the Nuka World Quantum ones, which had their spawn points manually edited to point to a new leveled creature. They are also all appropriately leveled, so you don't have to worry about running into a Savage Alpha Deathclaw right at the start of the game. The new Deathclaws that are included, but not limited to, are as follows:

  • Red Deathclaw
  • Quantum Deathclaw (Nuka World only)
  • Glowing Alpha Deathclaw 
  • Savage Deathclaw Matriarch
  • Albino Deathclaw Savage
  • Mythic Chameleon Deathclaw

And many more, see the image section for images of all the new types. Each variant has different stats from what it is based on, for example the Savage Alpha Deathclaw is a bit stronger than the regular Savage Deathclaw, with Albinos being even stronger, and so on and so forth. For reference, the weakest new Deathclaw you can encounter is the Red Deathclaw at level 27, while the strongest one is the Mythic Chameleon Deathclaw at level 160.


Want the Deathclaws to be even stronger? Well I've got some good news then, MPankey has integrated this mod into Deadlier Deathclaws! Go on, give a whirl!

Deathclaw Textures that I'm using in the screenshots.

Russian Version translated by AviorDolores

French version translated by Sylom.


None that I have encountered yet.


GundyCat- For making and providing the textures used in the Even More Deathclaw Variety file.