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The Moon Palace is a House mod for the lovers of classy. A palace styled in an old 18-19th century style. Requires Far Harbor DLC

Permissions and credits
The Moon Palace is a House mod for the lovers of classy. A palace styled in an old 18-19th century style.


1. More than 25 rooms.
2. Dialogued servant NPCs with basic collect quests and gifts.
3. Workbench chambers: Kitchen, chemistry lab, Armoury.
4. 4 unique outfits of my own making.
5. Storage chambers
6. Unique classical music soundtrack, overall 25minutes of tracks. (see Credits and Permits below for full list)

How to enter the palace:
- Far Harbor - physically next to redrocket station (Location on the screen)
- Commonwealth - find the ship "Helena" near the Castle, entering the door at the back of the ship will take you to the Palace's  basement.
- Teleportation - Once you got into the main part of the palace find the maid, she will have a "TELEPORT" dialogue option, infinite supply of TP relays, Instant TP to the main lobby.

Lore-wise the Moon Palace is an old British Embassy in the US, re-populated by the locals. It is misty knowledge what happened to UK even before the Great War, I place an idea in this mod that UK survived the resource crisis. The last pre-war King, Prince William's grandson Henry IX rules till the nuclear holocaust, the embassy is one of the last remnant of the old UK, since we learn from Tenpenny (Fallout 3) that England survived.


1. FIXED - House ruin blocking the entrance
2. FIXED - Companions not following you around from one room to another.
3. A bit more lore added, a log book added to the library + a royal bunker added hidden in the basement.

STEP 1 Go to documents and change your fallout 4 .ini file and change the line. The .ini file is in the location of your savegame files.
ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\ to ResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MESHES\, MATERIALS\, SCRIPTS\

STEP 2 Extract the files into your data files.

REMEMBER! If you encounter issues such as invisible bodies, pink textures on the light download please download and MANUALLY install the full download version . I don't trust my archiving tool.

Additionally check your NMM options, tweak with "read only" options, cause they may also be causing the invisibility, some incompatibility issue between NMM and v1,5 + patch of fallout 4 & Mod loader.

Question: Can you make this not require Far Harbor?
Answer: No, the development has gone too far to refit it for vanilla Fallout 4

Will this be Further developed?
Answer: Knowing that I have ever less personal time I wish I could, so take it under consideration when making requests, I am not just limited when it comes to my skills as a modder but also time.

Question: Why am I obeyed as a master of a British house.
Answer: ...Why wouldn't you? :D This is a royal-themed house, it's meant to keep you feel royal, nuf said.

Question: ... WTF is a "Groom of the Stool" and why does he wipe my ass?!
Answer: Basically the most luxurious toilet paper fit for a king, too long to explain so I leave a link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groom_of_the_Stool

Aren't the sons of b..ches everywhere ehh. DON'T report those in the bug section, I already know of them and now so will you, I need help solving them (PM me).

1. Pre-existing house ruin blocks the entrance, the experimental patch causes a crash.
2. Some blocks and items may start glitching out and disappear for a moment in the exterior next to the entrance doors.
3. Companions may take a while to enter & exit the palace, probably something with NEVmeshes, but I'm not sure hot to fix it.
4. Avoid violence in the mansion, especially explosions, lanterns have a nasty tendency to "relocate" when this happens, you've been warned.
5. Lags in the main part of the palace? Well this is a complex interior with a crapton of stuff, lights, effects, vast exterior. Just let the game load all textures and later in the game it'll be fine.
6. Candle flames don't flicker. I don't know what I screwed up when I was striping away all the elements of an oil lantern. Perhaps someone might help out with this.

- Many thanks to Bethesda for providing the 80% of resources to build this.
- Many thanks to werr92BandwidthbobAWARHERO, and other forum users, your help was invaluable in the development.
- Textures are half my handiwork, and half resources gained from free resource websites.
- Models are my handiwork
- Maid Feathered Dress retexture by Nagrom0ne

MUSIC (Royalty Free, Free music websites or by written permission of owners):

1. Jean Sibelius "Kullervo" Op. 7
2. Handel "Concerto Grosso" Op3-6 in D major 317 (A nod to you Dishonored fans :D)
3. Albinoni Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3, 1 Allegro
4. Schubert "Serenade" for piano & sting
5. Vivaldi Concerto for Two Cellos in G-minor 531


-Can I use the resources in this mod?
-Please PM me, I won't refuse as long as those resources are not stuff I got permission to use. My handiwork is always free.

-Can I translate/ re-release this mod with some tweaks?
-Sure, just credit me as the original creator and prohibit re-use of resources and assets for that release. Like I said above, I must verify what people want to use. But why not just send me the rar/7zip and I'll release it here, credit goes to you.

-Can I release this on other websites?
-Sure, just credit me as the creator and prohibit the use of assets.

-Can I release this on XBOX?
-No, unless that's a translation or modified release, I reserve the original release for myself.