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Fixes ITMs which resulted in script lag, undeletes one navmesh and disables it, and replaces several textures that were saved with invalid format and proportions.

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This is a small bugfix patch for The Moon Palace by wonderful Galejro.

What this does:

- Removes possible script lag indirectly caused by ITM records
- Undeletes one record and disables it instead of deleting
- Fixes size of several textures that were saved in improper format that would crash the game on Windows 7

Small F.A.Q.

Q: How did you caught this?
A: I was playing with a Slow Time mod, and noticed a strange script lag after installing The Moon Palace.

So I've looked at the mod's ESP in xEdit and found out it's full of vanilla ITM records, and also contains one DELETED record (which you should never do), which in turn may conflict with CC content and other mods.

After manually cleaning and fixing the ESP, I tested it in game and so far don't see any script lag whatsoever.

I also noticed that all DecorativePanelsXX_x.dds textures had invalid dimensions - they are supposed to be 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 instead of 1800x1800 and 864x1024, so I resized them.

Q: Do I need the resized textures if I'm not using Windows 7?
A: Not really, you can simply throw the texture part away if you want.

Q: Where can I find the fonts from the obvious jab at Disney logo?
A: There's no font, it's handdrawn by me in PaintTool SAI.