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My retextures for Fallout 4

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This is my various retexture for Fallout 4. 

Plans: stone and wood house walls, floors, various wood, metal and stone surfaces, household items.

Update 0.8
* Wooden floors, walls and stairs
* Wooden detail for church
* Various windows
* Half-circle flags
* Bobblehead Stand
* Broken bricks option in "Optional files"

Update 0.7
* Various books and and rows of books on shelves (8 variants; look in "Optional files). 
* Wooden painted doors
* Wooden crates
* Metal barrels
* Truck tires and wheels (are used in small ships too)

Sorry for screenshots from the editor, but I do not play in F4.

Update 0.6
* Windows in common houses. Not all windows in game. WIP. 
* Wood trim and some wood and metal detail for common houses.
* Improved normal maps for plywood and added some extra plywood textures.
* Wood floors and walls (reworking).
* Crates and barrels.

Update 0.5
* The size of the all bricks are reduced by 25%
* Small changes in the shade of the bricks, less red, more dirt.
* Reworked all specular maps. Perhaps they are not as good as they could be, but now they are done correctly.
*  Added some plywood textures.
* Added awnings and curtains textures. Less bright, more detailed.
* Some debris boards.
* Optional files: wallpapers with strong damage (from previous version) and wallpapers with minor damage. In main pack included wallpapers with medium damage.

Update 0.4
* All textures merged in one pack. 
* Added wood siding for common houses. And Material files for it.
* Added some plaster textures and various decals.
* Some secondary files for bricks walls, trim etc.
* Optional files - clean siding.
* Manual for Material Editor with screenshoots.

Update 0.31
* Redone wallpapers textures. The identical fine pattern on all wallpapers now. But it is possible to improve the normal map.
* Redone trash bin and trash can.
* Added test version briks retexture - "Bricks Overhaul" and optional files for it. Bricks Overhaul not included in "Langleys Workshop" (main file) yet.

Update 03:
* Wooden bridge.
* New beautiful pile of garbage instead of obscure gray tiles rubbles.
* Torn wallpaper on the interior walls.
* Wood floor.
* Garbage containers and cans. 
* Optional files.

Update 02: 
* Walls and floor for truck parking and a workshop "Red Rocket". This location you discover at the beginning of the game, and it can become the base, workshop and house for the player. 
* Old tires, which many around "RR".

Main textures (walls, floor, windows, big objects) have resolution 2048x2048, other files 1K. 

Prepare your .ini files like this: http://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation
Repack archive. Copy textures and materials folder in Data folder of your game.