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Zilav - brought to you by KKthebeast

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Auto Generate AVIF from Object Bounds

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Xedit - generate AVIF PRPS from OBND - Object Bounds


All AVIF Research by the great Robboten! With out his work we wouldn't know what half of these fields do ;)

Another epic time saving plugin for xEdit by the Master Zilav

This will auto generate the Proper AVIF data, in part to allow most pieces to overlap in build mode, 

it reads the object bounds finds the total difference between bounds and sets them to 1/4 of the total difference between axis
It may be too aggressive for somethings and not perfect for others, but it is a good start and sames a ton of time :)

Example OBND
X1 -128
Y1 -64
Z1 0
X2 128
Y1 64
z1 256

WorkshopOverrideXBoundMin -64
WorkshopOverrideXBoundMax 64
WorkshopOverrideYBoundMin -32
WorkshopOverrideYBoundMax 32
WorkshopOverrideZBoundMin 64
WorkshopOverrideZBoundMax 192

The constant fBoundOffset = 0.25; (1/4) can be change to your liking in the code, just open with your favorite text/code editor, change and save.

Planning on adding in some static variables soon to make it all in one, (I am currently using another script to filling the missing extra AVIF data)