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Adds a Handmade Revolver based on concept-art from the "The Art of Fallout 4" book.

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Hi! I'm back again this time with a standalone(Optional Replacer) gun called "Handmade Revolver" based off unused fallout 4 concept-art.
I hope it have that same rustic home-made feel to it that the Crude Blowback had! 

Don't forget to equip the "no barrel" mod for.. well I have no idea why you would do that.

(No other mods are required to run this mod.)

Get Visual Reload patch here!
(All credit to a_blind_man)

Removed: Armorsmith Extended is no longer required fom visible Weapons support. (You still need AWKCR.)

Added: a snubnose barrel
Added: Visible Weapons support (Rife and Pistol)
Added: 1.5x damage option
Fixed: Random mistakes here and there (I feel that there is more >_>)

Fixed: Double Damage should now work like intended.
Removed: Duplicate Weapon Mod.

Added: 12 Gauge Receiver. (Because why not)
Added: Option to double the base damage of the standalone variant in the installer.

I should be easy enough, the gun is placed on top of a fireplace in a shed around Walden Pond.

It can also be found on Enemies and bought at vendors. You may need to wait/sleep 24+ hours to refresh the "loot lists".
(Note: This mod adds the gun to the leveled list trough script so it wont conflict with other mods.)

The cheating way.
If you can't be bothered to walk/Fast travel to get it you can use cheats to obtain the weapon.
Open the console and type in the following: player.additem XX000F99
(XX = the mod's # in your load order, if you're not sure what the # is you can always type "help handmade 4" in the console and look for "WEAP: Handmade Revolver"  get the weapons full ID.)

Well I'm starting to get a taste for doing mods for fallout 4 so I looked trough  "The Art of Fallout 4" yet again on the hunt for the next weapon to create and this is what I ended up with.

--Click on the weapon to got to the mod page--


---Right-handed hunting rifle---