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Adds over 40 new and completely unique weapons with unique effects to the game in handplaced locations to discover and collect!

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Did you ever pick up at the end of a long dungeon... Absolutely nothing? Like not even a boring legendary with an unique name, just nothing at all. So many places in this game feel empty and unfulfilling, with no real reason to explore at all. Or see the scores of boring katana mods on the Nexus, realizing they add as much depth as a titty follower? 

Well, working on Unique Uniques made me realize that fact, so this mod aims to fix those problems.

More Uniques roughly doubles the number of uniques in the game. These further, lore-friendly uniques are placed at the end of dungeons, as loot from new minibosses, or just randomly scattered around the world, hidden in plain sight. It rewards you for exploring every nook and cranny of the game, and paying careful attention. These unique weapons have special effects not found anywhere else in the game, and reward a variety of playstyles, including but not limited to

- A dumb barbarian with maxed out STR but only 1 INT
- A Children of Atom Zealot who needs a way to get more rads
- A total asshole who likes to stab his friends in the back
- A deadeye who lands every shot WITHOUT VATS
- An old whaler looking for his next big prize
- A commando recklessly jumping into the fray
- A Ghostbuster
- Trainwiz

What's more, most of these new uniques behave like Kremvh's Tooth. The actual "unique" part of the weapon is a mod that can be detatched and put on other weapons, similar to Kremvh's Tooth. You can stack legendaries on top of unique mods and make weapons that put exploding miniguns to shame.

Unlike Unique Uniques, there should be no issues with previous saves or whatever. In fact, now you have reason to go and explore the game all over again!

Note: V.2.0. Brings some items integrated with NPCs and quests. If you've completed the Far Harbor quests and Nuka World and whatever, some of these 2.0 items become unavailable. 


-Over 30 new unique weapons or weapon mods, each with their own unique models and special effects
-Handplaced uniques as rewards for exploration
-New minibosses and short quests to experience
-The Saturnite Fist from New Vegas, and its Super-Heated version


As far as I know, everything is compatible except Do Your Damn Job Codsworth. 

Requires Automotron, Far Harbor, and Nuka World


To Trainwiz, for various scripting advice and stuff.



Fixed bugs surrounding the Sentenza Revolver

Added four new weapons to More Uniques! 

-Second Opinion
-Scottish Resistance
-Quantum Entanglement

Clues updated to be more comprehensive. 

Fixed a bug concerning Rip and Tear
Rip and Tear buff from 20% per kill to 25% per kill
Rip and Tear buff duration from 8 to 12 seconds
Rip and Tear attack speed up
Rip and Tear Stacks now fall off all at once, refreshing per kill. 

Added 7 new weapons to More Uniques! 

- Atom's Mercy
- Atom's Radiance
- Brutus
- Subjugation
- Resplendence
- Collateral Damage
- Bongo Bongo Bongo

Fixed loose mod bugs and a Road Warrior node bug
Fixed a bug that prevented sticky slugs from showing up on the crafting menu
Scottish Resistance now fires 4 projectiles rather than one
Scottish Resistance explosion damage from 50 to 15
Scottish Resistance range drastically reduced. 

Fixed Bug regarding the appearance of the Sentenza Revolver.