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No classic stock for a classic rifle? C'mon Bethesda.

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Optional version that replaces shovel stock is now available, obviously still called "Shovel stock" at weapons workbench. Perroamarillo's retexture does not work with this version as the textures have a different name. I still recommend using the main version unless you are really tight on loadorder space.

Due to popular demand I figured out how to morph the mesh a bit and shaped it to something that more closely resembles the stock of an actual AK-47.

Included texture too pristine looking for you? Check out This sweet retexture by perroamarillo for a more worn and dirty look!

As the obvious design inspiration for the Handmade Rifle added in the Nuka-World DLC is the classic AK-47, I did find it a bit odd that there was no option to attach a classic wooden stock to the weapon. This mod aims to fix that. 

With a handsaw and lots of wonderglue I was successfully able to attach the full wooden stock from the Combat Rifle to the back of the Handmade Rifle (I know, it doesn't look exactly like the AK stock, but eh...close enough). And now anyone can get a nice classic wooden stock on their rifle by heading to a weapon workbench and slapping that thing on there, just be sure tho have rank 2 in gun nut.

The wooden stock have similar stats to the "Light Stock" (strongest recoil reduction), but weighs significantly more, requires less materials to craft and have lower perk requirements. 
I also changed the weight of the vanilla "Light Stock" to make it fit in between the "Shovel Stock" and the "Marksman Stock", in terms of weight, instead of being the heaviest stock for some reason. 

As shown in the images the stock does support changing faction colours, not quite a perfect match with the colours but the best I could manage with my limited skill. 

Drop files from .zip file in data folder or use a mod manager. 

Obviously requires Nuka-World DLC.

Will probably conflict with mods that either change the stats of the "Light Stock" for the handmade rifle or change either one or all of the three pwMaterialSwaps:

Bethesda for making the base models and textures