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Throw Grenades at Your Enemies! Not Your Feet!

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Throw Grenades at Your Enemies! Not Your Feet!

--Final Update-- I highly recommended everyone use Sean_s M79 grenade launcher instead, it is superior in every way including preventing grenade suicides on the PC version of the game.

Separate Grenade Keys reworks how the FO4 manages grenades so that they are unbound from the gun melee key and can be individually assigned to a quick use slot. Furthermore, under the apparel tab you will find an equippable named "Activate Next Grenade/Mine" and corresponding equippables for each grenade or mine in your inventory, by assigning the "Activate Next" to a quick use slot, you can automatically throw any grenades or mines whose activator is selected, in the order you select them.

Separate Grenade Keys also reworks how the Demolitions Expert Rank 2 Perk affects the aiming preview arc. Rather than each grenade having its own preview arc, upon earning the perk, players will be given and also able to craft special grenade aimers that when equipped will give the player a "practice throw" complete with aim arc. Once the aim point is selected and the practice throw finished, the next grenade thrown should be right on the money, so long as you don't move. 

And finally, just because it make too much sense for them not too, Baseball Grenades now explode on impact!

This mod will not interfere with any unique grenade mods, though they will need to be selected normally, and should work with most grenade mods, that change stats, although only when thrown and not when viewed in inventory. If using this with my Weapon Jams mod, you will need to use version 1.3, to ensure compatibility.

Recommended Companion Mods
My Smiley Grenades Mod, so much so an included version is in the optional files for this mod
registrator2000's FO4 Hotkeys assign the "Activate Next" to "G" key on PC for maximum enjoyment

Future Goals
Make the apparel activators compatible with Visible Weapons Mod so that they are visible when equipped

Update 1.1
-Properly Set Nuka Throwables so they will now work with the DLC version, plus other minor tweaks.