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"I tell you, I tell you, The Dragonborn comes..."
TES-51 Power Armor adds a new set of armor and some extras, designed to be a crossover between Fallout 4 and Skyrim!

Permissions and credits
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Inspired by Skyrim and some of my favourite mods from the game, I bring you the TES-51 Power Armor! The armor of the Dragonborn!
This mod comes with not only a suit of power armor, but a lot of customizability, and some weapons to go with it!

This mod is compatible with More Power Armor Mods by Thirdstorm
This mod is also compatible with PPA - Powerful Power Armor Expanded

This mod was Translated into Russian by d3zm0nd

To track down the Armor of Legends, find a pre-war building in the ruins of Boston known as Bethesda Comics.
The building is close to Wilson Atomatoys HQ and you should get the map marker straight away.

One full set of TES-51 Power Armor with lots of mods, including a backpack and some animal trophies.
All standard headlamp colours supported.
6 new paint jobs, including Nordic Warpaint, Winter Camo and Skyforge Steel.
2 weapons based on the Steel weapons from Skyrim, a warhammer and a sword.
A small new location with an untold secret.
3 new custom magazines.
3 custom loading screens.

Version 1.1: Added Deathclaw and Forsworn helm, Mutant hound shoulder and Forsworn torso trophies, Pocketed leg mods.
Fixed issue where name would not change along with model number, and stopped vanilla hot rod paints from appearing on TES-51.

Version 1.2: Added TES-51 Mk. II helmet (in an extended Bethesda Comics Basement), new Soul Gem tesla add-on, modified trophies to avoid clipping, new headlamp model to fit new helmet, new fur collar mesh and texture, new shock effect added to Enchanted Steel Sword mod, fixed some navmesh issues in Bethesda Comics.

- Sometimes trophies "stick" to the armor piece when choosing them at the workbench.
Getting into the armor should reset it to just what's equipped.

None for the moment, but I'll come back to this every now and then if I have a good idea. Feel free to suggest things, but please keep in mind I don't generally do requests.

DeviantArt user Zerahoc, whose artwork was the original inspiration to start this project: Link to the art
EdibleGrenade12/SovereignWalrus (Me) models, textures, creation kit work, etc.
Unoctium, for once again providing help and working on something for a future update!
DogtoothCG, for critique, help and constant inspiration.
MoneyBagsModmann and Electrosus912 for helping to playtest this mod.
Vicyorus for playtesting Update 1.2
Bethesda Games Studios for both Skyrim and Fallout 4, without both of which this mod would not exist.
Everyone who follows my work, for being interested, providing feedback and helping me grow as a modder and an artist :)

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It's also available for Xbox One! Link below: