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Adds the Animatronic Alien from Nuka World as a buildable turret

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Have you ever felt like your settlement needed a little bit of intergalactic assistance?

Thanks to the Fun-gineers at The Galactic World Park, now you can.

Update 1.1: Now uses ambient power to avoid issues trying to wire it.

This mod adds the
Animatronic Alien from the Nuka World dlc to the turrets section of the workshop.

I've heard reports of the alien going after friendly NPCs such as settlers and caravans while in combat, I've had it attack one of my robots during combat.

I have tried multiple combinations of factions and keywords, using the vanilla turrets as a base.

Despite my best efforts it still seems to be hit or miss with the turret's aggression.

If you think you can resolve this issue feel free to re-upload as a fixed version or upload a patch.

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