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Adds 2 functional shoulder lamps to the game, like the ones used in the 1986 Sci-Fi masterpiece, "Aliens".

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The TNR Shoulder Lamp is a high-powered mounted spot-lamp issued to combat personnel in the USCM. It is typically mounted on the rear left shoulder of the Marines' M3 Pattern Personal Armor, although it could also be used as a handheld unit. It is powered by an internal microfusion cell, providing a stable power source for extended use in the wasteland. 

The items have been added to armor vendors level lists, or you can craft them at any chem station under "UTILITY", or Armorsmith Extended's workbench under "ACCESSORIES - BACKPACKS". Colored bulbs can be crafted at any armor workbench.

The lamps will occasionally spawn on members of the Gunners and Brotherhood Of Steel.

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Special thanks to It'sAGundam,THE OPEN WORLD BLOG, GopherPixelgamer, theDeluxeSamJoshYosh, and Grumpy PugGamer for the videos!


Q: Is there a performance hit?
A: Probably not unless you use the dynamic shadow install option. All texture maps are 2k. 

Q: Is this compatible with...?
A: These are new items, and their leveled list integration is automated. You do not need to create a merged patch. Be aware that some equipment mods could cause the TNR's light to misbehave. Users have reported strange behavior when used alongside:

  • Star Wars Lightsabers
  • More Armor Slots
  • Certain backpack mods
  • Guns with mounted flashlights

Q: What armor slot does this use?
A: Slot #54 (backpack). There's an optional module to switch it to 61 (FX). 

Q: When I draw my weapon the light direction veers off center...
A: And what did you think was going to happen? It's a lamp mounted to one's shoulder, it follows your shoulder movements. Look, I never said a shoulder lamp was the most practical lighting solution. If you want directional lights that follow head movements you could try my other flashlight mods and just give the shoulder lamps to companions.The real reason James Cameron liked this design is because it looks good, like it belongs on a badass space marine...

Q: I crafted a different colored light, but the old one isn't in my inventory.
A: This was done on purpose to reduce inventory clutter. If you want to switch lenses you must craft a new one. The components are extremely common and can usually be found in close proximity to whatever armor bench you find yourself at.

Q: The light doesn't work properly, the light appears over the wrong shoulder, the light points skyward...
A: You may have another mod that has a hard conflict, ie; you have 2 flashlights on your character. Some mods rely on the same flashlight button for their equipment fx, and these may cause strange behavior when used together. Unequip your weapon and strip your character completely naked. Now equip only the TNR and try the light, it should work. Then slowly add your equipment back one at a time to find out which item is causing this and act accordingly. 

Q: The light source moves when using a big gun.
A: Yes, I know and it's unfortunate. Ignore it for now or re-equip the lamp to reset the position. 

 How do I make a companion, settler, or other NPC use the flashlight?
A: NPCs will turn their light on if it's equipped and dark. Any followers will turn off their light if you enter sneak mode.

Q: I'm getting clipping on <insert armor here>.
A: Because this is worn on the back, it's impossible to guarantee that clipping will not occur with certain armors. I designed this on the vanilla male and female bodies. The Sephora's lamp housing sits much higher than the Sulaco's, to try to minimize shoulder region clipping.


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