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An adaptation of Red's Outfit from the game Transistor.

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I've been occupied with work lately and there're still projects I have to finish before I will have time to work on my mods. The stuff I mentioned I would do like converting it for consoles will have to wait a little while, but I will do it as soon as I have more time. Hope you'll understand. :-)

I removed the requirements box when downloading. It sayd that AWKCR was needed for the main versions which isn't true so I just disabled the popup box.

I changed the mod to be craftable at the Chem Station under "Utilities" as default, and instead added AWKCR support as a patch. I also added a version with glowing logos much like in the original game. There's also a different version of the texture which makes the lower part of the dress yellow instead of black.

The outfit Red wears in the game Transistor. I tried to get it as close as the original as possible with vanilla meshes. It's an adaptation, not an exact translation. If you have some yellow paint, cloth and leather you can craft it at the Chem Station under "Utilities". With the AWKCR patch it can be found at the Armorsmith Workbench under "Outfits - Dresses". Click here to download AWKCR.

The mod is referencing Irma's dress, so if you're using the latest version of CBBE (which adds all vanilla meshes to CBBE), this outfit will be added too. To change Bodyslide preset, change it for Irma's dress. If you don't use CBBE it should just show the vanilla mesh.

Choose one of the main versions and install with NMM or copy the files in the data folder.

The hairstyle is from the mod Commonwealth Cuts but I gave the red vanilla hair colour a saturation boost in Photoshop. I'm sure there's a mod that adds more vibrant hair colours.
I will try and make the Transistor (sword) too.