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WWII era Soviet Papasha 41. Bring Glory to the Motherland, Comrades!

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PPSH 41 by Nolifepothead & Ajhakra

**UPDATED 4/4/18**
Kempfer93 Has posted an updated version of this mod here. Give it a try and maybe an edorsement! This page has now been renered relatively pointless though you may still find the latest stable build here for now

Adds a standalone Ppsh 41 into the game. 

-3 Barrels
-2 Stocks
-2 Magazines
-3 Muzzles
-Various receivers (Semi and Full Auto)
-custom reload animation for stick mag by Monkatraz
-Custom firing sound by Lubini (Under Attribution License)
-leveled list integrated (Through Scripts, no compatibility issues)
New Calibers (by BrowncoatGarrus) Compatibility Patch

How to get:
~help ppsh 4
certain vendors
The Forged 

The model is pretty high poly, might cause drop in frame rate, but haven't noticed anything on my laptop so far so I wouldn't be too worried. (~2.2-2.6 GHz i5, GeForce 940m... its not exactly a potatoe, but its close)
This mod should be compatible with any mods that include custom reload animations. 

Models/minor CK work by Nolifepothead
Textures/Major CK work/Scripts by Ajhakra