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Don't forget to take your 10mm Carbine Rifle with you on your journeys.

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WARNING: May Require A New Save After Latest Update. I am not script savvy and the only way for this mod to work perfectly is I need to add in a script fragment that tells the quest to start up when the save is activated and to stop when the game/save is exited. The next update should not be like this, as long as I don't have to remove anything from the scripts it will be fine. If so I will have to rename the mod and that will probably remove all the carbines that you may have stock piled or it will just make you start a new save because for some reason the mod isn't activating properly anymore on that current save.

If you would like to make some patches for mods such as VIS, AWKCR, Visible Reload, Better Locational Damage, etc. fell free to do so. As long as it is a patch I don't need you to ask for permission just credit me is all.

If there is anyone that would like to help with this mod go ahead and pm me and we can make arrangements.

Thank you theDeluxeSam for making this showcase.

Thank you to JimmyGatz for making this video


The 10mm rifle is a great addition to anyone's arsenal. This weapon is not overpowered. This mod does require Far Harbor, but sometime in the future I will be starting a version that doesn't require any DLC.

I had the idea to make this mod as soon as I found out that Bethesda forgot to add in a 10mm Rifle/Carbine (I mean considering the hard left that they made out of the RPG genre and into the gun totin', meat eatin' savages that mankind really is at heart). Although this mod is in the beta stage, it will still work like it needs to. 

The 10mm rifle will spawn on Raiders, Gunners, Supermutants,  Minutemen, Railroad, and Commonwealth citizens. There are no longer any duffle bags that I have placed. This mod no longer edits any vanilla files.

Neither of the files are dependent of another. Just pick your preference and enjoy the slaying.

If the enemies are not carrying/dropping the rifle let me know as soon as possible. They should start carrying/dropping around level 14.

Install with your preferred mod manager.

Install manually by dropping the data folder inside of the main Fallout 4 folder (where you find your .exe) and everything should end up in the correct place. If not then just drop all the contents in the mods Data folder inside of your Fallout 4 Data folder.