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This mod prevents your character from healing (or limbs from regenerating) during sleep.

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UPDATE: I've updated the main file to carry over the UFO4P changes to the survival script.  It should work with, or without UFO4P.  


Do you think Fallout 4 is too easy?  This mod makes your character not heal from sleeping, so you'll have to rely on stimpacks and food items. Also, you will no longer regenerate injured limbs during sleep. Great for hard-core players who want even more of a challenge than survival mode.  This mod will make you think twice before rushing into combat if you are running low on stims.


Install using your favorite mod manager.  Place high in your load order.  


This mod does not add or alter any assets in the game so it should be compatible with almost anything.  It does makes small changes to the main vanilla survival script called hc_managerscript.  Therefore it will not be compatible with any mod which also modifies that script.   It makes a "copy" of the survival quest object "hc_manager".  If using another mod which changes the "hc_manager" quest object (give me that bottle, for example), it will still work fine.  Just let that mod overwrite this one.  (place this mod higher).  

I've added a version which is compatible with  Customizable Needs plus Realistic Aid Side Effects.  If you use that version, use this load order:

Customizable Needs + Realistic Aid Side Effects.esp
all other CN plug in options

Only works on survival mode.

known issue:  If you sleep after consuming a slow acting healing item, you will not receive any queued up healing from that item.  Best to "wait" until any healing items are finished before sleeping.

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