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A sorely needed change that's been a long time coming. A mini-spread for a minigun.

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Get that sweet minigun sound here http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6003/?

Version 1.01 is out - Similar changes have been made to the Gatling Laser!  Be sure to update!

Bethesda.net PC alternate https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/2573137
Bethesda.net XB1 https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/2573179
Bethesda.net PS4 https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/fallout4/mod-detail/2573189


After years of roaming the Capital Wasteland and New Vegas, I've ventured into the Commonwealth and am overwhelmed by a Fallout world where guns actually shoot straight for once.  Woohoo!  I couldn't be happier-

(fires a Minigun).............Wat.  How did a traditional symbol of fear-inducing awesomeness become this decade's Klobb?

What the hell, Bethesda.  I know the game just hands you one within an hour of starting a new game, but if my memory serves right, they weren't THIS bad in Nevada or the D.C. Tri-State area.  They've got barrels almost as long as a small person, so why are they worse shots than shotguns?  All the weight of a fully modded Assault Rifle, and none of the accuracy.  Even targets as huge as Super Mutants, Deathclaws and Mirelurks aren't broad enough to catch all the lead output.  Essentially, if it's not a Legendary, it's a liability.

Fallout 4 tells a strange tale of bad men who run at Miniguns with Tire Irons.  Back in my day, those men DIED.

I've set out to right this heinous wrong because if there's one thing that can make a weapon suck, it's a weapon that can't hit $#!t.  It's not my first time doing this either - I made a similar edit mod for Shotguns and the Automatic Rifle in New Vegas, if anyone recalls my name.  It wasn't so simple this time however - the Creation Kit does things a bit differently than the ol' GECK, and hid the accuracy values elsewhere. 

After a good bit of research and 'Sperging out, I found where they were hidden - in the  Items > Miscellaneous > AimModel section. This area houses entries of Weapon Types with various values that when combined seem to make up the Accuracy and Recoil for weapons set to these. 

Using several factors and personal judgement, I edited the Minigun_AM and MinigunVertibirdAM values to act the same.

  • Minimum spread decreased slightly
  • Maximum spread slashed by almost half
  • The spread worsens with each continuous shot to the maximum.  This now happens at 1/10th the former rate.
  • Iron Sighting now has purpose!  It should now be nearly as effective as with any other gun. 
  • Tweaked the recoil settings.  This thing fires a tiny round from a hulking mass of metal, I should barely feel it.
  • Should apply to every Minigun and any modded Minigun set to use these values (and they likely will)
  • Also: Vertibird Miniguns!  (I assume also when NPCs fire them, maybe now they don't get shot down too fast?  LOL)
  • Also: V.1.01 - Gatling Laser!  (I never used this gun much, but made the addition at a request.  Couldn't hurt, right?)

Shouldn't conflict with other mods, due to the unique and simple nature of this edit (Key word: Shouldn't).  Also needs nothing more than the base game.  No DLC required.

This tweak attempt turned out better than expected -                                                                                                          

Accuracy value has pretty much doubled!  The gun should also be more controllable.

Hip firing spread is reasonable now.  Firing on the move isn't quite as useless, but this gun is still best when still or sighted.

Iron Sighting allows for a volley of accurate gunfire (within reason)!  Finally realize the true range potential like never before.

The upgraded barrels affect accuracy much less now.
  As a result, the Accelerated Barrel is much more useful than before.
I've left damage values alone for now, but I'm open to suggestion.

This tiny mod is free for anyone to use and incorporate in their Weapon Packs and mod releases, no need to ask.  Just don't forget me in the credits!

I've also illustrated the path to make this simple tweak
(once again, Items > Miscellaneous > AimModel in the Creation Kit)
so others know where to go to do such things, as I've suspected that not many knew where to find these settings yet.  Get the word out!  I can only hope this tweak helps everyone out there that was sorely disappointed in the Minigun. 
Even if the damage ain't so great, you won't be missing with shots anymore like a Klobb on crack!  MAGA (Make America Gatling Again)!


You can download the mod with Nexus Mod Manager or go the manual route.  It's nothing more than a simple .esp that should go into the Data files and activated from within the NMM or the Title Screen Mod menu in the game.