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Turns on more of the lights throughout the Vault 88 entryway to the building section that are off.

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I do not suggest dowloading this mod.
There is an improved version of this mod made by MrTroubleMaker, found here. (I mean I even plan to download it during my next playthrough)


Turns on previously off lights throughout Vault 88's main entrance. I guess I just got annoyed that the Sole Survivor manages to pull a vault from where the sun doesn't shine but struggles to change a light bulb. Now including an alternate file to remove lights from the main entrance.

I have gotten 1 set of the Rad Scanners to work, I will be updating that but feel free to check it out before then.

I intend to fix all the lights in the entrance and also get the rad scanners operational (Near done). 
Only took up modding recently and my work will either be messy, take too long or both.

Vault-Tec DLC (obviously) and is probably incompatible with mods changing the same lights I have


Place "Vault88-EntranceLightFix.esp" in your Data folder.
My Data file is at: Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data
Download Nexus Mod Manager.

From a couple of the bugs brought to my attention it seems this mod need to be placed rather low on your load order, so please keep that in mind if you encounter any problems with the mod. That said any problems that do come up other than that i'm happy to help with.