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A correction of Far Harbor's periodic table poster with all element names as of June 2016

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During Far harbor's quest "Vision in the fog" you visit the Children of Atom Shrine in which you can see a poster of the periodic table of elements.

The original poster is quite outdated, kinda pre 2004, with the use of the systematic names Uux for elements 110 to 113, the simple absence of elements up to 118, and also contains errors (Uuq is labeled 113 and named ununbium) 

This file corrects this "issue", with all the current names and symbols as of June 2016.
(Some of these names won't be official untill January 2017, but whatever)

It's just really a very small detail but for a game that's about a post atomic war era, I find it quite surprising for the periodic table to be that incorrect. 

Feel free to use this correction in your mod/patch, please just credit me.

use NMM or extract in Data folder.

None, it's just 2 texture files that changes 1 single poster

Far Harbor DLC

Bethesda (made the original texture file, I just corrected it)

Optional File:
I also updated the periodic table in frogprincessQ4's mod School Desk - Child Settler Work Station
(The Periodic Table in the optional file is from Wikimedia Commons and allowed to be used under Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Credit)