About this mod

Vault 88, Your future home... Overseer.

Purpose of this mod: To make the buildable area for Vault 88 more useable. With plans to modify entrance and add new exit areas in the future.

**Updated to version 1.3**

Permissions and credits
This mod will change the basic layout of the Vault 88 cell space, aimed at providing you with more area to build the vault you have always wanted to build!

Vault 88 - A Home For the Future. For Your Future

Vault 88 was to be a beacon of hope for humanity during a trying time, inflation rising higher and higher, fuel prices through the roof, employment down, you name it. The glorious United States of America was heading straight into chaos, then throw in a couple of nuclear bombs and well... Here we are.

With a war looming over planet earth Vault-Tec offered what no one else could. Safety, they promised comfort, style, safe living with quality care for all residents yet somehow, in the end, it doesn't matter because truth be told, a few concrete walls aren't going to last forever and being cooped up underground with no sense of day or night, you forget what the sun feels like on your skin, what fresh, non-recycled air smells like. Then you remember, there is no clean air above ground so it's okay. 

But what if you paid for you and your family to live in such a marvellous place underground, all that holiday money has gone to keep your family safe and it wasn't finished in time? All that potential wasted, all of those promises broken, no one to answer for it, no one to question, just what's left at the end... An empty space, some rubble, and an adventurer with a drive to survive. Someone who has experienced, albeit a chilled one, a vault from the inside, someone who understands that people need somewhere safe to call home. Somewhere to give them hope of a better life...

It's time you took action. Reclaim the vault, build it as it should be, mak
e life better for those who are willing to try. Just don't let anyone waltz in and destroy what you've accomplished.

Build from the past to create a brighter future!

Step 1. Unzip the .zip archive with your favourite zip extractor (WinRAR/7Zip)

Step 2. Place the .esp file inside your Fallout 4's data folder; Usually located at:
             C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout4\data

Step 3. Enable mod with Vortex or through the in-game mod loading platform.


Use the 'Download with Vortex' button and then enable the mod through the manager.


Version 1.2 (17/11/2020) = Changed the left central pillar as requested to make it flat on all sides. Also removed the need for
'Vault 88 Lights Out'. My mod is now fully self sufficient. I am aware of the bug regarding the water pump. I am still looking into this!