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I fixed the lights provided by the Vault-Tec Workshop to not suck at lighting up your vault.

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Requires Vault-Tec Workshop DLC!

A small FO4Edit fix that makes it so the lights in your Vault actually light the damn place up instead of forcing your dwellers to live in the dark. No one else made this yet so I went for it.

What I changed:
Set Radius to double of default.
Set Exposure Falloff to 10 instead of 1.

If you upload to Bethesda.virus, please provide a link to me so I can add it here. I don't use the CK and don't plan on it. All mods I make are logic fixes, nothing special.
Also feel free to upload pictures of your now well-lit vaults!

Better Workshop Lights
Better Workshop Lights is a mod byVolatileCrocodile that improves the lights for other workshop items!
German Translation

This mod has reached the hot files section. This is just awesome! Thank you everyone who uses this mod. I am actively working on the snap points. I can get the lights to snap but they can still slide around on two axes. This is not preferable but it does allow for some customization. If you know how to fix this, please PM me with the solution.