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Removes some conditions so the female sole survivor is addressed as a war veteran, unblocks her related dialogue, and a few other small changes.

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"I get it. You're a hardass combat veteran. So am I. Can we move on?"

Short description: 

What this mod does: Removes some conditions so the female sole survivor is addressed as a war veteran, and unblocks her related dialogue. Also adds a small change to the terminal in Fraternal Post 115 (if playing as a female), removes all references of her being a lawyer, and adds slight changes to other dialogue you probably won't notice unless you start a new game.

Officer Version: Optional file that keeps the law degree and Nate's dialogue in the holotape.

What this mod doesn't do: Unfortunately it does NOT remove the intro video, as I don't know how to do that.

Long description:

It bothered me that a lawyer was able to immediately walk out of the vault after a nuclear apocalypse and, after the recent shock of losing their spouse and child, single handedly kill a fairly large group of raiders, know how to use power armor, kill a deathclaw, and be able to remain calm while doing all of that. I didn't buy the excuse that other people used by saying Nate was able to just bring home some high tech military weapons and power armor so he could show his wife how to use it just for fun, which besides being completely ridiculous, doesn't explain how a non-combatant is able to keep cool in the middle of intense firefights in which she is usually extremely outnumbered.

It also bothered me that it seems Bethesda was unsure what they wanted the female Sole Survivor to be (The lookout robot says she is a lawyer, but Nate says she'll "have to dust of [her] law degree," implying she has not been using it for a long time, if at all. Bethesda also has lines of her saying she is an army combat veteran, and she says the first line of the speech at the Fraternal Post). Because of all this I just role played that she was a veteran as well (easy to do since her pre-war job is only mentioned once), and after nine months I found out that her dialogue saying she was a veteran is simply made hidden by a few conditions in the Creation Kit. I removed those conditions. I also made some other slight changes including:

-Removed conditions so female Sole Survivor says her army veteran lines.

-Made slight edits to dialogue and voice files, replacing "You're going to knock 'em dead tonight" to " We're going to knock 'em dead tonight," and also deleting "you'll have to dust off your law degree" and changing "I'll have to rejoin the civilian workforce" to "We'll have to rejoin the civilian workforce."

-Made slight edits to the terminal in the Fraternal Post 115 (if playing as female) to reflect the above change in dialogue.

-Removed law degree from pre-war player house.

If I missed anything let me know. I haven't finished Far Harbor yet so I don't know if there's anything there that needs to be changed or not, but if there is I will try to fix it.

Bugs: Shouldn't be any. I haven't made a male SS play through yet so I can't test that, but it should be fine.

Usage: If you want to use this for anything feel free to use it just give some credit (That does NOT mean you can simply re-upload it to a different site).

I have uploaded this to for console players. 

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CelsiuZ's World War 2 Two-Tone US Paratrooper Uniform
Nightseer88's Bandolier Standalone and Craftable
Friffy's Just Holstered Weapons
Registrator2000's Visible Weapons - 3rd Person Holster
SariDecember's New Vegas Wearable Dogtags mod that I ported to Fallout 4 for myself (don't have permission to share this, sorry)
Personal mod that lets you wear grenades (Not going to upload this, sorry)

Bethesda for making the game and creation kit
greentea101 for making the FO4 Voice Reference Tool which let me discover the dialogue existed.