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2.5x increased radius and 20x increased falloff

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Light Radius Redux
My new mod covers all workshop DLC lights

Mostly for use with Darker Nights and ENBs
GrimWolf ENB as well as Darker Nights level 5 used in the screenshot
This increases the light radius of the three street lights added by Wasteland Workshop by 2.5x the default value (512 -> 1280)
Before I made this it took up to 30-40 street lights to light up just the road of sanctuary
Now the road and more are lit up with only 13

this mod is largely compatible with literally everything that doesn't alter these three street lights
you can use alongside any other light mod and there will be no interference as long as my mod is loaded below mods that also alter these street lights (so far I have found none that do this)

Edit: Update 1b contains new values for 3x radius (512->1536) and 40x falloff (1->40) for much softer and smoother light while retaining similar levels of light
This should not be too jarring on the eye during the day time now however you can always wire a switch to turn your lights on and off (recommended)